14 Cents a Story on Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Sometimes I want to quit Facebook. Actually, many times I want to leave Facebook. I don’t blame Facebook for my Facebook malaise, however. My dissatisfaction lies within myself. I am unable to manage my time well, and I am prone to mindlessly scrolling through endless posts for more time than I care to admit. I scroll and scroll as through I’m hunting through racks at TJ Maxx knowing that most everything is dross but I still weed through, hoping I’ll find that one gem, that one funky top that I could wear to a holiday party amidst the stone-washed, bedazzled jeans and furry sweaters with threaded gold accents. And when my eyes finally begin to cross, I know that I must look away from the screen – if only for a few minutes to regroup before diving back in.

Yet, I can’t leave.

I can’t leave because I might miss something, some bit of essential news or some hilarious viral video or the opportunity to wish someone a happy birthday so that one day they may do the same for me because my happiness may or may not depend on amassing Facebook likes and well wishes. And because so many of you are on Facebook, too, I find it a good place for sharing links to VillageQ, the website I co-publish with Vikki and to this blog and to Listen To Your Mother and anything else I’m promoting for others.

And then there’s the networking you don’t realize you’re doing just by keeping in touch with a person – by LIKE-ing the occasional status – by commenting in order to remind a friend that you’re still out there – still paying attention to what they’re doing. When Scary Mommy’s Jill Smokler posted a call for funny holiday stories for a book in the making, Listen To Your Mother’s Ann Imig commented with a handful of tagged Facebook friends. I, being a tagged friend, sent a Facebook message to Jill, and I can happily announce she included my story in Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays.

Scary Mommy's Guide
Scary Mommy’s Guide

I’m going to tell you to order this book but not because my story is there. I don’t make a dime off of it. But, I figure a $2.99 e-book is pretty good value for 42 stories. That’s 14 cents a story!

14 cents for each of these shining stars of storytelling:

Kim Bongiorno • Christine Burke • Abby Byrd • Andrea Condodemetraky • Sarah Cottrell • Janie EmausVictoria FeddenNancy FriedmanAnna GebertAlice GomstynSharon GreenJessica GriffinMaria GuidoToni HammerNatalie HoageHarmony HobbsAmy HunterJulie LayKathryn LeehaneJennifer LizzaLola LolitaAlessandra MacalusoLeslie MarinelliHannah MayerJessica MayerAmanda MushroJennifer Weedon PalazzoTarja ParssinenRobyn PassanteCrystal PontiLily ReadJennifer ScharfAlisa SchindlerTammy ScottJennifer SimonAllison Slater TateJill SmoklerRita TempletonVicky WillenbergJoelle WislerMegan Zander

If you’re still not sure you want to part with $2.99, know that a portion of the profits will benefit Scary Mommy Nation’s Thanksgiving Project (an official 501(c)3 charity), striving to ensure that every Scary Mommy can celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. Are you feeling it?

Not only all of those things…but buying this book on the affiliate link on VillageQ’s page allows you to support my efforts to publish a website for LGBT families without overtly soliciting you for cash (though I will eventually probably do that, too). Every penny helps us run the site – even pennies we make off the Amazon link.

Many thanks to Ann Imig and Jill Smokler for hooking a girl up and for renewing my faith in the time-sucking, crap-bin that is Facebook.

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