At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
Kept thinking I could not write anything that you would like.
But then I spent so many nights writing all that crossed my mind,
And you were kind.
And writing helped me to unwind.

And so we're here,
Sharing this space
I write down stories and you read them, every turn of phrase.

I love to make you laugh, and occasionally we cry,
But mostly laughing, as I try to satisfy.

Go on now, read, a post or two.
Then share a comment,
So I know that it was you.

You were the one who recognized yourself in me.
We had a moment.
When you laughed until you peed.

And so I blog. I blog for you.
Oh and everything that I share here is primarily true.
I've got lots of tales to tell,
And I'll try to tell them well.
I blog for you. Hey. Hey.

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