Announcing Listen To Your Mother North Jersey, Baby!

If I never blogged, I would never have had any knowledge of or interest in BlogHer 2009 in Chicago.

If I hadn’t attended BlogHer 2009, I wouldn’t have witnessed the talents of fellow bloggers selected to read their work during Voices of the Year Community Keynote.

If I hadn’t sat in awe of the Voices of the Year participants, I wouldn’t have imagined myself on stage one day.

If I hadn’t imagined myself on stage, I wouldn’t have submitted a post that was selected for Voices of the Year 2010 in New York.

If I hadn’t presented my piece at Voices of the Year in 2010 in New York, Ann Imig would not have introduced herself to me, and she wouldn’t have shared her success having launched the very first Listen To Your Mother show in Madison, Wisconsin only a few months prior.

If I hadn’t heard Ann tell me how Voices of the Year inspired her to produce a spoken word event celebrating mothers and how she hoped it would take off in cities all over the country (spoiler alert: it did), I wouldn’t have known firsthand the contagious enthusiasm and hypnotic power of Ann Imig.  I wouldn’t have vowed to support her efforts to honor motherhood throughout the land.

If I hadn’t been mesmerized by that black magic woman, I would not have auditioned for or consequently been cast for New York’s first Listen To Your Mother show in 2012.

If I hadn’t been a part of LTYM NYC where I was inspired by the most talented writers and phenomenal producers and directors, I would not be jumping out of my seat (which makes for challenging keyboarding) with the following news:

LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER: NORTH JERSEY, BABY* will be at SOPAC on May 10, 2014 directed and produced by Rated P for Parenthood’s author & lyricist Sandy Rustin assisted by Midtown Direct‘s Jeremy Dobrish and….yours truly!!  Deborah Goldstein, in case you forgot whose blog you were reading.

*The name of our production is not “Listen To Your Mother: North Jersey, Baby.”  I added ‘Baby’ to connect with my Jersey peeps.  The fist pumps are understood.
The moral of the story:  Great things happen when you blog.

Another moral of the story:  If you are inspired, fucking do something about it. **

Stay tuned with information about how you can get involved in this wondrous movement to celebrate motherhood.  Details about auditions, sponsorship opportunities and tickets will be forthcoming.

**Apologies for the cursing.  I teach preschool every day, parent young children every afternoon and evening and try to act professionally whilst running VillageQ.  Sometimes a girl needs to swear, mutha fucka.

13 thoughts on “Announcing Listen To Your Mother North Jersey, Baby!

    1. I will always have a place in my heart for NYC. Such a great team of producers/directors. Loved sitting at Symphony Space and taking in all of your stories this year!

  1. Another moral of the story: If you are inspired, fucking do something about it. **

    Wish I had enough pennies to be there, to cheer you on, because I am one of your BIGGEST fans. Someone like you, gets what LTYM is all about, and this passion will be felt by the audience, the readers, and well the world will just about be knocked off its axis by the sheer love force. xo

    1. You make me a better person. No, really. I’m pretty crummy usually, but you bring out my inner good who is usually forced to eat gruel in the basement. Love you!

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