Baring All to a Bosom Buddy

I’m not gonna lie. I love a good tan. I will also confess to incorporating the act of tanning into my day. As soon as the weather turns and I can be outside in the sun, I make a point… Read moreBaring All to a Bosom Buddy

The Sadism of School Supply Lists

My school supply for two children list reads longer than a 2 week vacation packing list for a family of four during which time they will be traveling to the mountains and the beach and at some point will have… Read moreThe Sadism of School Supply Lists

If Only Rachel Dolezal Recognized the Power of Allies

“At least she isn’t queer!” we agreed all too quickly, inviting the gods, goddesses, and gender non-conforming deities to descend upon us and smite us with the Rachel Dolezal’s crazy when she came out as bisexual. Hashtag RayCray. Wait, is… Read moreIf Only Rachel Dolezal Recognized the Power of Allies

Coming Out as Myself, Deborah Never Deb

I find myself coming out all the time. Just when I thought there was no one left, there they are. A parent at the bus stop. A new neighbor. A parent of my kid’s friend. A member of whatever organization… Read moreComing Out as Myself, Deborah Never Deb

Slight of Hand

Have you seen my 11-year-old son? He’s about 4 foot, ten inches. Lanky. Spindly even. Kind of cute but not in a catalog kind of way, his face on the long side and his teeth in desperate need of braces,… Read moreSlight of Hand

Starbucks Oppresses Jewish Teabaggers

I learned how to be a Jewish Teabagger from my mother who learned from her mother who undoubtedly learned from her mother before that. I come from a long line of Jewish Teabaggers. The first time I witnessed Jewish Teabagging… Read moreStarbucks Oppresses Jewish Teabaggers

I am the Lorax and I Speak for the Parts

When Bill Clinton did not have sexual intercourse with that woman, and that woman merely Monicoddled his parts in her mouth, liberals and Democrats wanted to forgive him or at least look away from his indiscretions. We tried to separate… Read moreI am the Lorax and I Speak for the Parts

Death by Cinnamon

Cinnamon is versatile spice used in all sorts of delicious baked goods and seasonal beverages. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon can fill a room with a warm, homey feeling, especially welcoming on cold winter days. If comfort had a smell,… Read moreDeath by Cinnamon

Tap the Power of the Bottom

If you do not run in gay male circles in the same sort of frequency that I do, you may not be fluent in Top and Bottom identities. The terms refer to sexual preference. Simply speaking, your standard Top is… Read moreTap the Power of the Bottom

5 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged. Twice. According to Vikki and Alexandra, I’m supposed to present five random things about myself to you. I’ve been avoiding this prompt only because this blog solely consists of random things about myself. Am I to select… Read more5 Random Facts About Me