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About a year ago, I recognized my need to write. While I had occasionally shared tales of our life abroad and a few observations about our repatriation, I had not committed to writing on a regular basis until last summer. Even at that time, I had no intention of becoming a blogger. At home with small children, my brain slowly atrophied from its already slim/depreciated? state. I needed a creative outlet. I needed time on my own. I needed an excuse to pour a glass of wine at 4 in the afternoon that exceeded the limits of what is most definitely considered lady-like in any one sitting. A year on, blogging is my happy hobby, and I’m a little less cranky for it. Wait a minute; I’d better do some fact-checking. “GABRIELLA!!!”

I went upstairs to find Gabriella flipping through channels in search of something good to watch. I had already forbid her from watching a Netflix film without me.

Deborah: Would you say that I am less cranky than I used to be?

Gabriella: What do you mean? Less cranky than when?

D: Say a year ago. Am I less cranky than I was a year ago?

G: Ok, yes.

D: What are you watching?

G: Nothing. I’m just trying to find someth….Oh!! A French film!!

D: How does anyone squeal with delight upon the prospect of watching a French film? I have more fun at the dentist. I think I need a second opinion.

G: Well, it’s this or The Women.

D: Hmm, tough choice. I’d rather make out with my incredibly hot lover. Too bad she’s really really busy writing her blog.

G: Too bad. Can you move? You’re blocking the subtitles.

Well, until I can research the question properly, you’ll just have to take my word for it. That’s not to say that I’m not cranky at all, mind you. I’m just less so. I’ve got my blog. My readers are ichiban and keep bring out the best in me. I’ve contributed to other sites. And yesterday I had the pleasure of passing on the baton to a fledgling blogger. Our friends Daniel and Ian are moving their family to Israel while Ian pursues his rabbinic studies. Daniel asked me for some tutelage in setting up his own blog to document their Israeli detour. While I am absolutely not the authority on blogging by any stretch of the imagination, I was able to help him get a blog up…and I can’t remember the last time I helped a man get anything up. What? It’s hot, and I don’t have central air.

What’s there now is a place holder during this last week of frenzied packing. I’m sure what will follow will be fun and thought provoking, and I hope you check it out in the weeks and months to come. Mazel Tov to my blogging grasshopper on the birth of Chesir-Teran Chavayot & Raayanot.

5 thoughts on “Blogs soothe and relieve

  1. I hope to see you in NYC next year. I am already researching hotels in the area that have slides.

    In all seriousness, blogging is an incredible creative outlet. I completely agree with you.

  2. there are french films that don’t leave you wanting to throw yourself out of a window? i guess i do learn something new every day. all recommendations welcome.

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