How Many Kegels Until It’s Safe?

If I’m going to take some sort of exercise class, it’s going to be something I enjoy doing. I won’t even finish saying the word spinni… because the mere thought of biking makes the inside of my lady lips ache… Read moreHow Many Kegels Until It’s Safe?

If only American Apparel were MORE cutting edge

Just when you thought I had fulfilled my vag quota of the month with The Great Wall of Vagina, American Apparel went and pulled this stunt. Mannequins with pubes – thick, uncontained, woolly pubes. Well I can’t stay silent, can… Read moreIf only American Apparel were MORE cutting edge

Not so hot yoga

I finally made it to the gym! I’m giving myself extra-credit for going in the evening, after a long day and just as the icy snow started to fall and mess up the streets. It’s much more difficult to get… Read moreNot so hot yoga

Tea time

I’m a tea addict. I love a hot cup of tea even on a hot day. Perhaps you are imagining me sitting in front of my computer stopping occasionally to enjoy the pleasures of a hot cup of tea. While… Read moreTea time

Born again

Can I be born again? Relax, I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking bodily functions. It has come to my attention at recent dinner parties that friends of ours refuse to relieve themselves or even pass wind in front of… Read moreBorn again


The big excitement of the morning was guiding the bird stuck in our garage for 3 days to freedom. Stupid bird. For 3 days it flew into the window of the garage trying desperately to escape. The side door was… Read moreNature