We Traveled With Children And It Didn’t Suck

It has been the summer of transformation. Asher is taller than I am now. His voice has morphed into a peculiar timbre that is neither of boy nor of man and begs to be tuned. Levi is also delighted that… Read moreWe Traveled With Children And It Didn’t Suck

She’s Leaving Home

She left for a business trip today, my lady-friend did, and she will be gone for a week.  7 days.  And nights.  Including a weekend.  There will be no one else to read bedtime stories or entertain early morning risers… Read moreShe’s Leaving Home

The Royal Blog Post

If we were still in the UK, I’m sure we’d be much more aware of the all the details surrounding The Royal Wedding. We’ve been following the Royals lives since the boys were wee lads, and this wedding is absolutely… Read moreThe Royal Blog Post

Swimming, swimming

Gabriella put her foot down and proclaimed that the boys would not live through one more summer without learning how to swim. Perhaps the root of her insistence stems from her own lack of confidence in the water. Gabriella may… Read moreSwimming, swimming

How many days until summer?

Baby, it’s cold outside! I really hate the cold. You’d have thought that a Chicago native who is of Russian and Polish descent would be made for cold or at least used to it by now. Nope. Hate it. I’m… Read moreHow many days until summer?

Getting my drink on

We’re in the Hamptons, dahling, staying with friends for the weekend. It’s mid-day, and I’ve got my drink on. Rosé at this particular moment in time. I never used to drink-ever. Drink was not a part of my upbringing, and… Read moreGetting my drink on

Do yourself a favor

This summer wasn’t my favorite weather-wise. It started out pretty wet, and these dog-days of summer have not really been so doggish. Yet, it has been a paradise compared to London. Cool and rainy all the time. How depressing! One… Read moreDo yourself a favor

Peaches and Coconuts

I’m changing the name of my blog. In a few days http://rediverted.blogspot.com becomes http://www.peachesandcoconuts.com. Rediverted was born from the initial blog I wrote in the UK, DIVERTED. Alas, I was short-sighted and did not register the name then. Rediverted seemed… Read morePeaches and Coconuts

Girls raising boys

I hate the word fart. It’s juvenile and crass and it sounds horrible. We were visiting friends when Asher had a little wind. “Asher, did you fart?” asked our friend. “He doesn’t know that word,” I said. Gabriella said, “He… Read moreGirls raising boys