Nice Place To Visit But I Can’t Live Without Jews

In four hours time, our family was transported from Northeastern suburbia to the rural forestry of the Green Mountain State, Vermont.  Thanks to the kindness of friends, we were able to escape our usual grind and unplug and unwind in… Read moreNice Place To Visit But I Can’t Live Without Jews

I’d rather put my foot in my mouth

I am not my best self when I have not had enough sleep or when I am sick. If you were lucky enough to avoid me last weekend, you would not have experienced my bad self. Today, I’m slightly more… Read moreI’d rather put my foot in my mouth

What’s for dinner?

Spoiler Alert: As in, this blog and its accompanying photo may spoil your appetite. Last Friday, we joined our friends, JerriLynn and David (aka Cupcake), for dinner in the city. For vegan food. We agreed to eat on the earlier… Read moreWhat’s for dinner?


Last week on As The Ear Clogs, our heroine was still stumbling around suburbia in a partially deaf stupor with a confused look on her face muttering, “What? I can’t hear you. I can’t hear anything. Did you say something?… Read moreHEY HEY HEY!

Organized house vs. organized crime

Still no job. So I says to Gabriella, I says, “Hey my little Sicilian connoli! Don’t you have any mafia connections? Wouldn’t this be a good time to call an uncle or something? Doesn’t the mafia need technology support? I… Read moreOrganized house vs. organized crime

She threw me under a bus

If you’ve read any of the previous entries featuring my sister, Rachel, you’ll know that conversations range from comedic to cruel. For the most part, she doesn’t even pretend to filter thoughts, and she is particularly feisty. I have to… Read moreShe threw me under a bus

Knead to know

I finally got in to see a very sought-after massage therapist in town. I waited three months for this massage. The waiting list is long because of her particular talents. This masseuse gives her customers much more than your standard… Read moreKnead to know

Keep on Ba-ROCKin’ me, Baby

I’d be remiss not to mention that it is the day after Election Day, and I am pleased that the smart people have prevailed over the stupid people. I never doubted as friends will attest. I wasn’t biting my nails… Read moreKeep on Ba-ROCKin’ me, Baby

Meat lady

I blame my family. One of my relatives gifted Gabriella the book The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan for Chanukah last year, and she read it. Mid way, Gabriella says to me, “We have to become vegetarians.” Gabriella is not… Read moreMeat lady


The big excitement of the morning was guiding the bird stuck in our garage for 3 days to freedom. Stupid bird. For 3 days it flew into the window of the garage trying desperately to escape. The side door was… Read moreNature