How Many Kegels Until It’s Safe?

If I’m going to take some sort of exercise class, it’s going to be something I enjoy doing. I won’t even finish saying the word spinni… because the mere thought of biking makes the inside of my lady lips ache… Read moreHow Many Kegels Until It’s Safe?

Ode to Laundresses

Gabriella: Did you wash my white pants? Deborah: Since last weekend? Gabriella: Yes. Deborah: Let me describe to you my laundering schedule. Gabriella: I just asked if you washed them. Deborah: I wash all the clothes on the weekends if… Read moreOde to Laundresses

Surviving Sandy

“How are you?” ask caring friends and family.  No one wants to hear that I’m really unhappy that I can’t blow-dry my hair.  Or maybe they do because they’ll think I’m kidding, and therefore I must still have a sense… Read moreSurviving Sandy