Apple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

I am the scrooge of autumn, and I say, “Harvest Humbug to you all!”   As I walked into my preschool class this morning, a teacher greeted with a beaming smile as she exhaled crisp, chilled air as if she was… Read moreApple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

Gabriella’s pie

Deborah:  That spinach pie you made?  So good.  And even though I don’t care so much for cheese, I didn’t mind it in the pie.  I just love your pie. Gabriella:  Uh huh. D:  It had kind of a kick… Read moreGabriella’s pie

Famiglia and mishpachah on Pesach

When I was a kid, Pesach was my favorite holiday. Of course, I wasn’t the one who cleaned out the kitchen and rid our house of rising, puffing carb-tastic hametz. And I wasn’t the one who cooked the meal or… Read moreFamiglia and mishpachah on Pesach

Admitting I have a problem

Thanksgiving in the US is supposed to be about family, food and football. We covered two of the three bases. I suppose I should have used a football reference instead of baseball, but that would require that I research the… Read moreAdmitting I have a problem

Birthday bonanza or The Girls Who Ate New York

43. Nothing interesting to say about the number. I’m sure there’s something of note about 43 in some religion or ancient philosophy or mathematical concept that is worth mentioning, but I don’t know any off the top of my 43-year-old… Read moreBirthday bonanza or The Girls Who Ate New York

What’s for dinner?

Spoiler Alert: As in, this blog and its accompanying photo may spoil your appetite. Last Friday, we joined our friends, JerriLynn and David (aka Cupcake), for dinner in the city. For vegan food. We agreed to eat on the earlier… Read moreWhat’s for dinner?

I got me some birthday pie

A weekend at the beach is enough to make this girl feel rejuvenated. I’ve waited all winter long for this weather, and I am grateful for every minute of sunshine. Maybe I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, aptly abbreviated to… Read moreI got me some birthday pie

Midlife crisis

Gabriella is having a midlife crisis. She’s overdue, really, given her advanced age, so it should not have come as a surprise. A midlife crisis can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, of course. Did she buy a sporty,… Read moreMidlife crisis

Cucinare e amare

We’re honeymooning in the Hamptons, dahling, and life here doesn’t suck. After a couple days in New Jersey recuperating from the 11 hour drive home from Southampton, Ontario and catching up on laundry, we loaded up the car once again… Read moreCucinare e amare

Like Butter

Friday night. Sitter booked. Tickets purchased. We were going to see the comedian July Gold in the city. A friend of Gabriella’s whose husband’s sister’s friend who knows…I don’t know. I lost track. But somehow, there was a very distant… Read moreLike Butter