Baring All to a Bosom Buddy

I’m not gonna lie. I love a good tan. I will also confess to incorporating the act of tanning into my day. As soon as the weather turns and I can be outside in the sun, I make a point… Read moreBaring All to a Bosom Buddy

Life Lessons from my Powder Room

The other day, I unearthed an old lipstick – like Y1K old. It was a MAC lipstick called Gleam, and it was the perfect shade of shimmery brownish plum that had summery fun written all over it. The lipstick itself… Read moreLife Lessons from my Powder Room

Professional Gay: Owning It

It’s funny how you’ll click your heels together three times, say that there is no place like home and find that inner you that has been sitting there all along waiting for you to get sucked up into a tornado… Read moreProfessional Gay: Owning It

Passover Past and Present

Ten years ago on Passover my brother Benjamin visited Gabriella and me in London.  We prepared a Seder with our dear friends with all the kosher fixings from Golders Green in North London.  The following observation is an over-simplified, undocumented… Read morePassover Past and Present

The Anniversary of the Happiest Day Ever…So Far

A few years ago, I sat in a meeting room with a supportive and inspirational group of mothers for a monthly peer coaching session.  When we had first moved to town, and our children were very small, I found an… Read moreThe Anniversary of the Happiest Day Ever…So Far

Slamming with Studio B

Blogging is a fantastic springboard to spoken word IF you’re a writer who doesn’t mind the spotlight every now and then.  Not all writers like to put themselves out there.  I get that.  It’s scary to stand up in front… Read moreSlamming with Studio B

Thank you infant baby Jesus

There are still pockets of our town without power.  Not so much full pockets as much as slivers of pockets.  Slockets if you will of miserable, cold people who chose to stick it out in their dark homes rather than… Read moreThank you infant baby Jesus

Blissful moments

When I asked the boys if this was their favorite vacation ever, they had a difficult time committing.  It’s not that they didn’t absolutely love their week at the beach but when we discussed highlights from other vacations, they had… Read moreBlissful moments

Heated dreams

I had a dream that I was hanging out with Whoopi Goldberg in my house that wasn’t actually my house. She played some piano for Gabriella and me, and she talked about Bill, the man she’s being seeing. “Really?” I… Read moreHeated dreams

No, I didn’t forget

I’m thinking I might have offended by posting an innocuous entry about Whoopi Goldberg and other celebrity sightings on this day, September 11. I do apologise to anyone who might have thought me cold, unfeeling or selfish. It wouldn’t be… Read moreNo, I didn’t forget