Until Uncivil Union

Last week was the 6th anniversary of our Civil Union.  Gabriella did not remember.  I remembered because I got an anniversary card from my supportive Aunt L.  Also,  it’s a recurring date in iCal along with the anniversary of our… Read moreUntil Uncivil Union

Matrimonial memories

Prior to our wedding on 3 March, 2001, Gabriella and I held a rehearsal at our flat. Our rehearsal was more than just a wedding run-through. It was a reunion. There was one couple who had relocated to the UK… Read moreMatrimonial memories

Gay thoughts for 2012

Sunday’s Style section of the New York Times. January 1 2012. One of the cover articles. Gay Marriage Shadowed by AIDS. The article focuses on our bittersweet victory in New York to extend state marriage to like-gendered couples. A note… Read moreGay thoughts for 2012

I love New York in June – how about you?

Rainbows are definitely the new black in New York! Where were you when marriage equality passed in the New York State Senate? I was eating a late dinner with Gabriella and a couple of friends. Chinese food. On Shabbat. Very… Read moreI love New York in June – how about you?

Norma Rae Goldstein

Just call me Norma Rae Goldstein. Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch because I am not, in fact, a union organizer, and I’m not as perky or as sweaty as Sally Field in the film Norma Rae, but I… Read moreNorma Rae Goldstein

Divorce is so gay

During the past 2 weeks, friends have told me about 4 recently separated couples in our local community. All 4 couples are of the lesbian mom variety. It just so happens, that I don’t know any of them personally. “What?”… Read moreDivorce is so gay

The gays of Who-ville

It’s been a week now since the march, and it already seems like ages ago. It could be because we spent the march in glorious, sunny heat and returned to wintry cold. It’s as cold as a witch’s tit in… Read moreThe gays of Who-ville

National Equality March 2009

Photos now. Thoughts later. I kid you not, there was a rainbow in the sky just as the march was beginning. Is that you, God? What? You love gays? I knew it.At the Milk & Cookies event on Saturday. Face… Read moreNational Equality March 2009

Gays who march

We’re packing up the M-V and heading to Washington DC this weekend where we’re going to march for marriage equality on Sunday, October 11. It began as a throw-away question. “Hey, Gabriella. Let’s go to the National Equality March on… Read moreGays who march

Married! again.

Yup, we’ve traded in our snow globe collection for commitment ceremonies. Well, I might keep that really fancy snow globe of Chicago as the city is, in fact, my kind of town, and the snow globe was a gift. Our… Read moreMarried! again.