Dislike of like

I teach my children that it is not acceptable to say like when it does not mean have a preference for or fancy. You know what I mean – when like means, well, like nothing. You can call me old… Read moreDislike of like

Forms make me shvitz

I find this back-to-school time of year particularly stressful. After months of flexible summer days and relaxing evenings, I’ve got to get organized and back into some semblance of routine. My mornings are frantic between getting the kids ready for… Read moreForms make me shvitz

Happy accidents – Blogging for LGBT Families Day

My neighbor, Jenny, moved to another country last week. It was probably something I said. Actually, she and her family relocated to be closer to family and further away from exorbitant health care costs and property taxes. I’d envy her… Read moreHappy accidents – Blogging for LGBT Families Day

Where do gays come from? Diversity Fair Take 2

I selected this post to be featured on my blog’s page at www.lesbianblogs.org. We manned the Gay Table again at Asher’s school’s Diversity Fair 2011. And by we I mean mostly Gabriella because I had gathered all the necessities for… Read moreWhere do gays come from? Diversity Fair Take 2

No dogs allowed…yet

Sitting in the waiting room at our pediatrician’s office without either child, Gabriella and I chatted–something we rarely get to do without interruption in the middle of the day. Our doctor was running late for our doctor-patient conference which, of… Read moreNo dogs allowed…yet

A week away from just another day

Mother’s Day is next week, and that sucks for a couple of lezzy moms. Who gets breakfast in bed? Do we both buy gifts, or do we cancel each other out? Do we make the kids do overtime and force… Read moreA week away from just another day

Picture day

HaikuPicture day at school.Chose hair wax over Mom’s Spitto tame his bed head. Asher: What’s that? Why are you doing that to my hair? Deborah: Eat your breakfast. We don’t have a lot of time. A: OW! Something’s in my… Read morePicture day

Gina tales

I was almost positive that at the age of 5 and 5/6, Asher still did not know what a vagina was. We certainly have not hidden vaginas from him, but we’re not exactly a commando house, either. My lady bits… Read moreGina tales

Better luck next time

Fooey! The FreezeFoe failed. Fank you…I mean thank you to all who voted – especially those who thought it was a stupid idea but you wanted to help me out without having to fork over any cash. I appreciate it…. Read moreBetter luck next time

PRIDE 2009

Flashback to Gay Pride past. I’m young, outloudandproud and marching down 5th Avenue on a hot, sticky Sunday in June. There is a meagre handful of gay-haters with poorly designed signs void of poetry outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Laughable… Read morePRIDE 2009