Gossip boys

We did not baby-proof our house for Asher. It’s not that we were negligent parents, but the kid never moved. He did not walk until he was 19 months old. Prior to walking, he did nothing. He didn’t crawl or… Read moreGossip boys

A happy mistake

I was having a conversation with a friend recently whose daughter is in the same pre-school as Asher. We were talking about how parents hold kids back in school so that they will be ahead of the game in their… Read moreA happy mistake

Free to be

Thumb watch. 2009. Thanks to all those who have wished me and my thumb well these past few days. I’ve now released my thumb from the humangous beast of a bandage that imprisoned her a week ago, and I’m now… Read moreFree to be

Kids are fun, funerals are not

Where to begin? What to even share? As you know by now, I’m not one to get too heavy. It’s not that I don’t like to bear my soul and share my moments of deep reflection or sorrow with you…. Read moreKids are fun, funerals are not

White House Press Secretaries have it easy

Asher has never been an inquisitive child. He’s never asked why the sky is blue or where milk comes from or why poop is brown. He’s never been that kid who follows every answer with “why? ” until you run… Read moreWhite House Press Secretaries have it easy

A mom by any other name

Recently, Asher has taken to calling me Mamma. Levi has followed suit. I don’t know how I became Mamma. I’ve always been Mom, and Gabriella has always been Mommy. How the unborn children will refer to parents of the same… Read moreA mom by any other name

Family time

I’m the first to admit when we’re at a disadvantage not having a man around the house. That being said, that particular handicap did not seem to prevent Barack Obama from getting a good education, realizing his goals or becoming… Read moreFamily time

The mile high family

Waiting to board a flight at the airport, we all learn a lot about people with whom we might otherwise have limited to no exposure. At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, you’ve got all kinds. There are people coming in from the… Read moreThe mile high family

Babies R Us-All of us

Lifetime Television is going to air a new documentary series focusing on women and couples facing fertility challenges. An associate of the production company contacted Family Equality Council looking for lesbian couples currently experiencing challenges with fertility. While the series… Read moreBabies R Us-All of us

Que sera, sera

I know this woman whose 4 year old son insists on wearing dresses and fairy costumes and all things pink. Being a modern kind of gal, she encourages him to express himself, and he wears what he likes. Occasionally, she… Read moreQue sera, sera