The Feng Shui of a cluttered box

My box is so cluttered. If a Feng Shui master were to assess my box, that master would most likely tell me that all the clutter is draining my energy, the energy in my box, my digital box. My digital… Read moreThe Feng Shui of a cluttered box

Waning Gibbous smack down

Is it a new moon?  It isn’t, I know, because I saw the moon in the morning sky on the way to the bus stop, and I said, “Asher, look at the moon!”  And he said, “Uh huh.”  And then… Read moreWaning Gibbous smack down

What preschool teachers do

Employment means that in addition to collecting a paycheck, I’m collecting countless stories, hilarious anecdotes and enlightening observations that I can never share online or in writing or in passing with anyone who knows someone who might know someone –… Read moreWhat preschool teachers do

Checking in with Morah Devorah

When I was 7, my dad sat me down on my bed to have a talk.  I was too young and painfully well behaved to have had experience with you’re-in-trouble talks, and I had not suffered any family tragedies that… Read moreChecking in with Morah Devorah

Back to school again and again and again

When I was 20 something, I started getting migraines.  I may have had the first one in middle school, but despite writhing in pain, the waves of nausea and hiding under blankets for hours, my pediatrician father was not impressed… Read moreBack to school again and again and again

Does this job make my ass look big?

When I taught second grade at our synagogue’s religious school, it was challenging and rewarding, and I learned a lot.  Also, I made a few shekels, and that didn’t suck.  It was tough going though.  I am not a trained… Read moreDoes this job make my ass look big?


Why don’t I blog more often? Good question. Well, I don’t know. I used to blog all the time. It’s not as if blogging has taken a back seat to anything more worthy or more fun. What could possibly be… Read moreExorcism


Fired. Sacked. Made redundant. Set Free!! I was at long enough to change the health benefits policy to recognize Civil Union partners but not long enough to lose my mind completely. and I were mismatched at best, and… Read moreSacked

Crap day at the office

We went out last night-dancing in the city for a friend’s birthday party that kicked off at 9pm, and we were toast by 12:30am. It’s not that we’re so old that we can’t stay out late, but our kids wake… Read moreCrap day at the office

Working mom blues

As soon as I walked in the door after work, without even acknowledging my presence, Levi turned to his babysitter and cheerfully said, “Buh-bye, Jenny!” He was thrilled to see her in the morning when she arrived and equally happy… Read moreWorking mom blues