Angela Lansbury Brainwashed Me to Sing

My boys care about geography when ice cream sundaes are included in the lesson. Until ice cream became part of the equation, no map or globe or interactive game or puzzle interested them enough to learn about the world. Not… Read moreAngela Lansbury Brainwashed Me to Sing

Good to be a gay Jersey Jew

We moved to Illinois after my father completed his residency in California.  California was a godless state, according to my mother, and she couldn’t wait to move back to Chicago.  I was 5 years old when we joined the conservative… Read moreGood to be a gay Jersey Jew

Meanwhile Back in New Jersey

SCOTUS ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional and kicked Prop 8 to the curb, and that is all very, very exciting.  But here in New Jersey, Governor Christie continues to allow his personal and subjective views on morality get in the… Read moreMeanwhile Back in New Jersey