The House of Épée

It’s possible I was just as excited about Asher’s first fencing lesson as he was. We had been talking about taking classes for over a year, but I held out to make sure that he was really interested and not… Read moreThe House of Épée

Passover Past and Present

Ten years ago on Passover my brother Benjamin visited Gabriella and me in London.  We prepared a Seder with our dear friends with all the kosher fixings from Golders Green in North London.  The following observation is an over-simplified, undocumented… Read morePassover Past and Present

Matrimonial memories

Prior to our wedding on 3 March, 2001, Gabriella and I held a rehearsal at our flat. Our rehearsal was more than just a wedding run-through. It was a reunion. There was one couple who had relocated to the UK… Read moreMatrimonial memories

Sticky situations

Putting on my coat to get Asher at the bus stop, the phone rang. Caller ID told me it was the BOARD OF EDUCATION. This call usually means Asher is sick or is having a particularly bad day and that… Read moreSticky situations

Belated thanks

I meant to write a Thanksgiving post in which I itemize all my blessings and heartfelt thanks. Thing is, I’ve spent this entire year giving thanks, and I needed to edit the list. Nothing like a little unemployment to kick… Read moreBelated thanks

Sibling 3-way

Rachel: “BULGAR. Say it!” My sister Rachel was on speaker phone so that Benjamin and I could have a conversation with her during his visit here.As per usual, our discussion was ridiculous bordering on asinine and incredibly funny in our… Read moreSibling 3-way