Good to be a gay Jersey Jew

We moved to Illinois after my father completed his residency in California.  California was a godless state, according to my mother, and she couldn’t wait to move back to Chicago.  I was 5 years old when we joined the conservative… Read moreGood to be a gay Jersey Jew

Bar Mitzvah Breakdown

Levi said he did not want to have a Bar Mitzvah because it looked like too much work.  Indeed, my nephew did do a tremendous amount of preparation and led the majority of the service a couple weeks ago.  He… Read moreBar Mitzvah Breakdown

Blissful moments

When I asked the boys if this was their favorite vacation ever, they had a difficult time committing.  It’s not that they didn’t absolutely love their week at the beach but when we discussed highlights from other vacations, they had… Read moreBlissful moments

Feast accompli

I bring you my Passover highlights, which will appeal mostly to those who have some experience with the Passover Seder or to those who like to read about strange customs and ancient rituals and thank their gods and goddesses of… Read moreFeast accompli

Wholesome travel entry

I’ve noticed during my blogging lifespan that there are certain people who respond positively to the photos of the children sweet stories of my life as a mother. Others prefer any post that has the word vagina in it or… Read moreWholesome travel entry

Tsuris anyone?

My father died on the 19th of July. Apparently, he had not been well for some time. I didn’t know this because my parents had stopped communicating with me about 12 or 13 years ago. They chose to have nothing… Read moreTsuris anyone?

Belated thanks

I meant to write a Thanksgiving post in which I itemize all my blessings and heartfelt thanks. Thing is, I’ve spent this entire year giving thanks, and I needed to edit the list. Nothing like a little unemployment to kick… Read moreBelated thanks

Oh, Canada!

Wednesday 29 July 2009. We may be driving to Canada tomorrow. Friends of ours relocated to Canada in June, and we threatened to go visit them at their summer home outside of Toronto. They called our bluff. Normally, a trip… Read moreOh, Canada!

The story of Passover: the finale

Passover has passed, but I still need to tell a bit more of the tale. More journaling. My sister Rachel, the anti-blogger, prefers these kinds of entries. She is a good aunt who loves to read stories about her nephews… Read moreThe story of Passover: the finale

The Story of Passover: Mishpucha (family)

This one is going to have to flirt with the journal side of blogging so that I can record our trip and shout out to our family members. If you did not sign up for the Mommy Blog Ramblings, you… Read moreThe Story of Passover: Mishpucha (family)