Rod Serling Knew We Would All Color Our Hair

Taking my lady spouse to the salon to color her hair for the first time in her life felt like I was a parent dropping a child off at prom knowing that the next time I would see her, she… Read moreRod Serling Knew We Would All Color Our Hair

Death by Cinnamon

Cinnamon is versatile spice used in all sorts of delicious baked goods and seasonal beverages. The fragrant aroma of cinnamon can fill a room with a warm, homey feeling, especially welcoming on cold winter days. If comfort had a smell,… Read moreDeath by Cinnamon

Ode to Laundresses

Gabriella: Did you wash my white pants? Deborah: Since last weekend? Gabriella: Yes. Deborah: Let me describe to you my laundering schedule. Gabriella: I just asked if you washed them. Deborah: I wash all the clothes on the weekends if… Read moreOde to Laundresses

Bridge and tunnel day

If the measure of a good day in the city were the number of bridges and tunnels one uses to take full advantage of each borough’s offerings, we would have scored quite highly this weekend. We missed out on perfect… Read moreBridge and tunnel day

Back burner anniversary

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this past Monday on the 3rd, celebrate meaning did nothing except yell, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!” on my way out the door to work. Gabriella would be staying home from work having contracted a cold… or… Read moreBack burner anniversary

She’s Leaving Home

She left for a business trip today, my lady-friend did, and she will be gone for a week.  7 days.  And nights.  Including a weekend.  There will be no one else to read bedtime stories or entertain early morning risers… Read moreShe’s Leaving Home

Time and Space

Last week, Thursday, began as the workday usually begins.  My alarm rang interrupting a dream that I could not recall by the time I was awake enough to turn it off.  During the week, there is no time to linger… Read moreTime and Space

The Anniversary of the Happiest Day Ever…So Far

A few years ago, I sat in a meeting room with a supportive and inspirational group of mothers for a monthly peer coaching session.  When we had first moved to town, and our children were very small, I found an… Read moreThe Anniversary of the Happiest Day Ever…So Far

Boxing Day at our house

Yesterday was Boxing Day in the United States meaning that it was just another day because, unless you’re British, you don’t pay no never mind to Boxing Day.  After 7 years in the UK, we got used to acknowledging the… Read moreBoxing Day at our house

She served us well – or did she?

It was a sudden death.  I didn’t see it coming.  I had no warning.  No indication.  I was unable to prepare myself for the loss.  Our microwave died yesterday.  Two days ago, my food was piping hot within minutes, but… Read moreShe served us well – or did she?