Gabriella’s pie

Deborah:  That spinach pie you made?  So good.  And even though I don’t care so much for cheese, I didn’t mind it in the pie.  I just love your pie. Gabriella:  Uh huh. D:  It had kind of a kick… Read moreGabriella’s pie

The score on Mothers’ Day

The night before Mother’s Day, we went to a party.  Gabriella surprised me with my Mother’s Day gift – a gorgeously funky necklace I had spotted in a friend’s shop.  Gabriella decided to present it to me that night to… Read moreThe score on Mothers’ Day

Feast accompli

I bring you my Passover highlights, which will appeal mostly to those who have some experience with the Passover Seder or to those who like to read about strange customs and ancient rituals and thank their gods and goddesses of… Read moreFeast accompli

Matrimonial memories

Prior to our wedding on 3 March, 2001, Gabriella and I held a rehearsal at our flat. Our rehearsal was more than just a wedding run-through. It was a reunion. There was one couple who had relocated to the UK… Read moreMatrimonial memories


Our household is currently recovering from The A–CHUNK-A-LYPSE. After dinner the other night, I left Levi to brush his teeth with his electric toothbrush while I loaded the dishwasher. Asher had already finished his two minute cleansing and had parked… Read morea-CHUNK-a-lypse

Single Jewish lesbian mother seeks sheik for friendship and more

Last weekend, Gabriella went out in the morning for a coffee as per usual. She neglected to tell me that she would be running a series of errands that would take the better part of the morning to complete. And… Read moreSingle Jewish lesbian mother seeks sheik for friendship and more

Admitting I have a problem

Thanksgiving in the US is supposed to be about family, food and football. We covered two of the three bases. I suppose I should have used a football reference instead of baseball, but that would require that I research the… Read moreAdmitting I have a problem

Fairy God-munchers

Reading this blog throughout the seasons, you’ll undoubtedly know that I love the sun and the heat, and I loathe the cold and socks. The weather is just starting to break. The lawn is covered with leaves only hours after… Read moreFairy God-munchers

How we make it work…sometimes

I know you’re aching to find out what we did on our summer vacation, but I keep telling you about incidental things that happened along the way. While I have butt-loads of photos and videos from our trip, I do… Read moreHow we make it work…sometimes

Wiggle it, just a little bit

Asher lost his fourth tooth on the airplane on the way to Northern Michigan. He had been twisting and wiggling for days hoping to get that sucker out of there. Asher was particularly motivated to lose his tooth on vacation… Read moreWiggle it, just a little bit