Lessons Joan Rivers Taught Me

My parents were the Jewish Cleavers, practically scripted in their wholesomeness. I guess that would make me Wally as I am the oldest child, but I’m sure no one would be surprised by my penchant for the Beaver. Mom stayed… Read moreLessons Joan Rivers Taught Me

Mazal Tov, Marscilla!

Had I been sitting with my mother when the news first hit that Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan had wed, she would have immediately exhaled a disgusted sigh and lamented the state of the Jewish people.  It was the same… Read moreMazal Tov, Marscilla!

Tsuris anyone?

My father died on the 19th of July. Apparently, he had not been well for some time. I didn’t know this because my parents had stopped communicating with me about 12 or 13 years ago. They chose to have nothing… Read moreTsuris anyone?

I can’t hear you. I’ve got an elephant seal on my head.

Last week hit me like a ton of elephant seals. That’s right, elephant seals. Heavy, ugly, vicious and wet-a killer combination that makes a ton of bricks seems like a spring rain shower. Speaking of rain shower, anyone want to… Read moreI can’t hear you. I’ve got an elephant seal on my head.

Morah Devorah gives a sermon

This post is looooong because our rabbi asked me to give a sermon during our Shabbat service this past Saturday. After the service, a few people approached me and wondered if they could get copies of the sermon. I told… Read moreMorah Devorah gives a sermon

Love notes

When I was in school, my mother packed me a lunch every day. I preferred tunafish sandwiches to anything else. I had a taste for fish from an early age… My mother used to write me notes that simply said… Read moreLove notes