Now, Here We Are

“Excuse me, can I ask you a question?” he said as he leaned into our table. I had been trying very hard to create invisible walls between our families just to give them the feeling of privacy while they ate… Read moreNow, Here We Are

We Traveled With Children And It Didn’t Suck

It has been the summer of transformation. Asher is taller than I am now. His voice has morphed into a peculiar timbre that is neither of boy nor of man and begs to be tuned. Levi is also delighted that… Read moreWe Traveled With Children And It Didn’t Suck

The Sadism of School Supply Lists

My school supply for two children list reads longer than a 2 week vacation packing list for a family of four during which time they will be traveling to the mountains and the beach and at some point will have… Read moreThe Sadism of School Supply Lists

Slight of Hand

Have you seen my 11-year-old son? He’s about 4 foot, ten inches. Lanky. Spindly even. Kind of cute but not in a catalog kind of way, his face on the long side and his teeth in desperate need of braces,… Read moreSlight of Hand

The House of Épée

It’s possible I was just as excited about Asher’s first fencing lesson as he was. We had been talking about taking classes for over a year, but I held out to make sure that he was really interested and not… Read moreThe House of Épée

Conquering Fears One Rung at a Time

And then I took the gift cards that I received from the parents at my preschool after saving them for the perfect treat for myself and put them all towards a futon mattress for Levi’s new bunk bed. Last year,… Read moreConquering Fears One Rung at a Time

The Tooth Fairy Eats What?

Levi lost his fifth tooth, his lateral incisor. That, in itself, is relatively insignificant considering current events across the world. I bring it up because in preparing for the inevitable loss, Levi had plenty of time to consider the note… Read moreThe Tooth Fairy Eats What?

Gender Norms are Messing with Our Moves

“Sometimes I want to be a girl,” Levi said in passing. Twice now on different occasions. I, being the open-minded, supportive mother that I am, wanted to ask questions, explore, process, get to the bottom of this statement. Did he… Read moreGender Norms are Messing with Our Moves

Big Apple Circus Trumps Hiding Under Electric Blankets

Gabriella’s company gives back so that a few times out of the year we can say, “Hey, it’s not so bad that we never see you and that you work non-stop and that you bring work home and that when… Read moreBig Apple Circus Trumps Hiding Under Electric Blankets

Couldn’t Have Been More Proud

For the past 6 years, we’ve all been avoiding New York City Pride.  We tried to take the boys the first year we were here and realized that a preschooler and a baby and all of their accessories in the… Read moreCouldn’t Have Been More Proud