Apple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

I am the scrooge of autumn, and I say, “Harvest Humbug to you all!”   As I walked into my preschool class this morning, a teacher greeted with a beaming smile as she exhaled crisp, chilled air as if she was… Read moreApple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

She’s Leaving Home

She left for a business trip today, my lady-friend did, and she will be gone for a week.  7 days.  And nights.  Including a weekend.  There will be no one else to read bedtime stories or entertain early morning risers… Read moreShe’s Leaving Home

Couldn’t Have Been More Proud

For the past 6 years, we’ve all been avoiding New York City Pride.  We tried to take the boys the first year we were here and realized that a preschooler and a baby and all of their accessories in the… Read moreCouldn’t Have Been More Proud

Pride Abounds in North Jersey

When Gabriella’s then-employer told her they wanted her to move back from London to work in the New York office, we started scoping around for a place to call home.  We had no experience being parents in or around New… Read morePride Abounds in North Jersey

Listen To Your Mother NYC: Comment and Win!

Win tickets and become part of a movement!  Hmm, every time I say movement, I think of bowel movement.  But Listen To Your Mother is nothing like a bowel movement.  I take that back.  A good bowel movement can feel… Read moreListen To Your Mother NYC: Comment and Win!

Gay Vs. Straight: The Mommy Round

In a move sure to be heralded by NPR and FOX alike as “dumb,” Nicole of Ninja Mom Blog and myself give you the 2nd in a four part series: Gay vs. Straight! Deborah’s an all-around funny lady, smart-ass and “fake”-married lesbian. Nicole… Read moreGay Vs. Straight: The Mommy Round

Math Maker, Math Maker, Make Me New Math

3rd grade, and they’re doing algebra!  Asher doesn’t know it’s algebra, but I had to use an X and a Y to figure out the answers to his math homework.  And when I say X and Y, I am not… Read moreMath Maker, Math Maker, Make Me New Math

Flipping off the universe

It was a funny morning.  Not funny ha-ha, funny peculiar as in “what is the universe trying to tell me?” funny.  I went to work and then into town to run some errands.  Outside of my local Starbucks, a number… Read moreFlipping off the universe

What preschool teachers do

Employment means that in addition to collecting a paycheck, I’m collecting countless stories, hilarious anecdotes and enlightening observations that I can never share online or in writing or in passing with anyone who knows someone who might know someone –… Read moreWhat preschool teachers do

Birthdays are for planners

Levi’s 6th birthday came and went, and I didn’t blog about it.  I guess this is sort of a blog about it, but not the kind of where-did-the-time-go, my-baby-is-growing-so-fast kind of birthday blog post.  This is more the birthdays-are-a-pain-in-my-ass, I’m-a-shitty-mother-for-saying-so… Read moreBirthdays are for planners