What preschool teachers do

Employment means that in addition to collecting a paycheck, I’m collecting countless stories, hilarious anecdotes and enlightening observations that I can never share online or in writing or in passing with anyone who knows someone who might know someone –… Read moreWhat preschool teachers do

Birthdays are for planners

Levi’s 6th birthday came and went, and I didn’t blog about it.  I guess this is sort of a blog about it, but not the kind of where-did-the-time-go, my-baby-is-growing-so-fast kind of birthday blog post.  This is more the birthdays-are-a-pain-in-my-ass, I’m-a-shitty-mother-for-saying-so… Read moreBirthdays are for planners

Listen To Your Mother Video

In May, I participated in the off, off Broadway sensation – surely you’ve heard of it – 10 city wide and growing – sold out performance – 3rdannual homage to motherhood – Listen To Your Mother.  When I first heard… Read moreListen To Your Mother Video

Back to school again and again and again

When I was 20 something, I started getting migraines.  I may have had the first one in middle school, but despite writhing in pain, the waves of nausea and hiding under blankets for hours, my pediatrician father was not impressed… Read moreBack to school again and again and again

Manners homeschooled

When we asked our 2nd grade teacher, “Can I go to the bathroom?” she always answered, “I don’t know.  CANyou?”  We crumpled in our seats as she mocked us.  We were humiliated into asking properly…or else we learned to hold… Read moreManners homeschooled

Taking my parenthood pulse

We had been viewing videos from Levi’s earlier days on the planet.  We had a good selection of clips.  Levi singing Twinkle Twinkle.  Levi dancing to music.  Levi hiding in a tent.  Levi using an abacus to determine the cube… Read moreTaking my parenthood pulse

Camp wins and woes

The boys are thoroughly enjoying their days at Most Expensive In All The Land Camp.  At the end of each day, they get off the bus that delivers them from the immaculate campus of childhood fantasy to the front door… Read moreCamp wins and woes

Not looking back – much

“Are you going to cry?” asked our preschool director when she gave me the invitation for Levi’s Moving Up Ceremony.  “About what?” I asked knowing exactly about what.  “Aren’t you going to feel emotional about your baby leaving preschool and… Read moreNot looking back – much

The mitzvah of tushy-shmushing

This morning, when I finished packing lunches and fixing breakfast, Asher was still asleep, well into the slow-wave sleep stage of his NREM cycle.  I needed to get him out of bed, dressed and fed within 15 minutes in order… Read moreThe mitzvah of tushy-shmushing

Happy Glass Half Full Day

The anniversary of Asher and Levi’s adoption came and went without any fanfare last week. If it weren’t for the recurring event in my calendar, I would not have remembered. I’m confident that Gabriella is not bothered about missing the… Read moreHappy Glass Half Full Day