When I was in college, I babysat for bar money.  That actually makes me sound like I was a bar-goer.  I mean I was, but for a young lesbian lady, going to the bars was about more than getting fancified,… Read moreScattered

Slamming with Studio B

Blogging is a fantastic springboard to spoken word IF you’re a writer who doesn’t mind the spotlight every now and then.  Not all writers like to put themselves out there.  I get that.  It’s scary to stand up in front… Read moreSlamming with Studio B

Listen To Your Mother Video

In May, I participated in the off, off Broadway sensation – surely you’ve heard of it – 10 city wide and growing – sold out performance – 3rdannual homage to motherhood – Listen To Your Mother.  When I first heard… Read moreListen To Your Mother Video

Listen to this mother

Listen To Your Mother has come and gone, and as I continue to read all the recaps and peruse all the photographs, I envy the cast members in the cities waiting anxiously to perform knowing what lies ahead for them.  Break… Read moreListen to this mother

Snapfish offers manna from heaven for Mother’s Day

Gabriella & her boys We’re a celebratory people, my partner Gabriella and I. We were much more celebratory before kids, of course. It was easy to be celebratory when we had two respectable incomes and no children – when we… Read moreSnapfish offers manna from heaven for Mother’s Day

Sad sack no more

I never dread meeting new people. I love a party where I don’t know a soul. I have no problem walking into a room filled with folks who are richer, smarter or prettier than I am…primarily because that would describe… Read moreSad sack no more

Good news, kennahara

Rabbit rabbit rabbit. I fucking forgot. The first day of every month, you’re supposed to say, “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” before you say anything else. If the rabbits are the first words out of your mouth, you will have good luck… Read moreGood news, kennahara

Oscars according to me

Here are some Oscar highlights that I’ve slapped up here to give you my thoughts as the evening is already starting to fade from our mammories. It wouldn’t be a proper Oscar post if I didn’t pay homage to the… Read moreOscars according to me

Get thyself to the thee-yay-der!

Lois, one of our favorite stage managers, is working a new show, and while we hope the show stays on Broadway for many years so that her family will not starve, Gabriella and I have much enjoyed attending each show… Read moreGet thyself to the thee-yay-der!

Getting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part II

It’s fun to watch videos of people doing just about anything even if we don’t know who they are. We can’t help ourselves. And when people are providing a service – delivering knowledge – enlightening minds – expanding worlds –… Read moreGetting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part II