Oscars according to me

Here are some Oscar highlights that I’ve slapped up here to give you my thoughts as the evening is already starting to fade from our mammories. It wouldn’t be a proper Oscar post if I didn’t pay homage to the… Read moreOscars according to me

Smell the fudge!

We’re almost finished. New Year’s is right around the corner, and I can taste the quiet. It tastes like fudge. From the minute the kids go back to school after Labor Day, we’re running. Back to school events, all the… Read moreSmell the fudge!

The Grinch who stole Halloween

The Grinch who stole Halloween is none other but that fickle seamstress of quilted climates but Mother Nature herself. After we expelled a fool-hearty sigh of relief when the mountains of snow began to melt last winter, she began scheming… Read moreThe Grinch who stole Halloween

Birthday bonanza or The Girls Who Ate New York

43. Nothing interesting to say about the number. I’m sure there’s something of note about 43 in some religion or ancient philosophy or mathematical concept that is worth mentioning, but I don’t know any off the top of my 43-year-old… Read moreBirthday bonanza or The Girls Who Ate New York

The mutha-load

Mother’s Day is a pain in my ass, and I have a very high tolerance for pain. In my ass. Before I even get to the two moms conundrum, let’s discuss the fact that neither Gabriella nor I has a… Read moreThe mutha-load

Welcome back, air

Last night, I breathed in air from both nostrils. If that wasn’t gift enough, immediately following the smooth inhalation of fresh air up the entirety of my nasal orifice, I then exhaled carbon dioxide through both nostrils concurrently. Sometimes, I… Read moreWelcome back, air

Ice and sick and beating the odds

It was a glorious day in New Jersey. The freezing rain pelted the tops of my head and momentarily froze my brain upon contact. I had to take deep, relaxing breaths after I got home from this morning’s harrowing school… Read moreIce and sick and beating the odds

Resolutions shmesolutions

Every year I go out of my way to avoid celebrating the new year. It’s not that I have anything against New Year’s Eve festivities. I’m usually too spent from everything that precedes December 31st–not to mention too big for… Read moreResolutions shmesolutions

Bah, Chum-bug (ch pron. like phlegm stuck in throat)

Joyous, I! Chanukah is over!! Reasons I am happy to put this holiday to bed: 1. New Jersey Transit. It rained and poured and gusted winds on the first night of Chanukah. New Jersey Transit stopped service from New York… Read moreBah, Chum-bug (ch pron. like phlegm stuck in throat)

Thanksgiving 2010

I’m torn about blogging the holidays. Who cares what my family did this Thanksgiving? Like many of us, we ate and talked and ate and laughed and ate and drank here and there. I know that many of you experienced… Read moreThanksgiving 2010