Parents Blog-in for Democracy

Thanks to Lisa Duggan and Avital Nathman for recognizing the power of the blog in this presidential campaign and organizing this first ever Parents Blog-in for Democracy! * Today, across the web, bloggers will be simultaneously posting this letter as… Read moreParents Blog-in for Democracy

Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman died yesterday, January 9th. If you are not Jewish or a musician, you might not know that Debbie Friedman was a composer and musician whose influence on Jewish music was profound. She infused the sounds of 60s and… Read moreDebbie Friedman

Itching to tell you something

There are plenty of couples out there engaging in hot ‘n steamy sex 3, 4…5 times a week. Good for you! We are not one of those couples. I don’t mean to make excuses, but Gabriella and I have been… Read moreItching to tell you something

Why Gabriella needs to get a job

Gabriella: Deborah!! Can you come in here and hand me a new roll of toilet paper? Deborah: Are you stuck in the lav without toilet paper?!? I should make you get it yourself for all the times you have left… Read moreWhy Gabriella needs to get a job

Celebrate not tolerate

What to do now that my partner is unemployed and home all day. Every day. Sleep late? Go to the gym? Get my nails done? Get busy with my lady friend in the middle of the day? Nope though that… Read moreCelebrate not tolerate

See my box

In the religion of parenting, I’m a member of the Conservative sect. I follow traditions with a modern day sensibility. I can illustrate what I mean in describing my approach to television. My kids watch a moderate amount of television…. Read moreSee my box

Prop 8 Wedgie

I really do try to keep it light, but I’ve got a Prop 8 wedgie, and I’ve got to pick it out. Wake up gays and friends of! The impassioned pleas are completely misdirected, in my humble opinion. We keep… Read moreProp 8 Wedgie

Keep on Ba-ROCKin’ me, Baby

I’d be remiss not to mention that it is the day after Election Day, and I am pleased that the smart people have prevailed over the stupid people. I never doubted as friends will attest. I wasn’t biting my nails… Read moreKeep on Ba-ROCKin’ me, Baby

Write to marry

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I tend not to focus on the gay part of my life. I like girls. Do I have to shout about it? I do as much as I am excessively proud of my… Read moreWrite to marry

Village People

It takes a village. That’s for sure. Two women raising two boys. We need help. Neither one of us would define ourselves as handy or outdoorsy or sporty. I know you lady-couples have been there when a straight acquaintance asks,… Read moreVillage People