Fingered and Smeared

Why is a throat culture a culture and a Pap smear a smear? Forgive me, Doctor, for I have sinned. It’s been six years since my last physical. It’s not that I didn’t want to go, it’s just that I… Read moreFingered and Smeared

Turkey in the Hood – Not in the Straw

There’s a wild turkey that roams my suburban neighborhood, sitting on porch railings and mini-vans for hours at a time.  She’s a she-hen, I have determined her sex after surfing the internet for about 5 minutes and selecting the most… Read moreTurkey in the Hood – Not in the Straw

Meanwhile Back in New Jersey

SCOTUS ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional and kicked Prop 8 to the curb, and that is all very, very exciting.  But here in New Jersey, Governor Christie continues to allow his personal and subjective views on morality get in the… Read moreMeanwhile Back in New Jersey

All Aboard the Diversity Love Boat

This past Saturday, we gathered our box full-o-rainbows and made our way to Levi’s elementary school to work the Gay Family Table at the annual Diversity Fair for the 3rd consecutive year. This is the event where we celebrate the… Read moreAll Aboard the Diversity Love Boat

I’d Rather Pump My Own

My trips to fill the gas tank have become uncomfortable of late, and I am not referring to the rising price of gas.  “Why complain,” you wonder aloud.  “You lazy sods in New Jersey with your lawsforbidding untrained lay pumpers… Read moreI’d Rather Pump My Own

Living with diversity

I opened our change drawer in the car to grab a quarter for parking, but the quarters were gone.  I considered only briefly that we had a full stash of quarters in there only yesterday.  I thought maybe Gabriella was… Read moreLiving with diversity

Doggone it!

Five in the past 4 months.  They fell without a fight like sorority girls at their first frat party.  Some swore they would never, and for others, it was just a matter of time.  I wasn’t prepared.  I tried to… Read moreDoggone it!

Diversity Fair Take 3

Today was Diversity Fair Day at our elementary school. On this day, over 200 people, old and young, tall and short, well mannered and delinquent celebrated the many ethnicities, cultures and family designs our student body represents. I represented and… Read moreDiversity Fair Take 3

The myth of the perfect name

I used to babysit to make extra cash in college. Parents around the Upper West Side in New York knew that they could contact The Babysitters Club at my school and find any number of willing undergrads looking to score… Read moreThe myth of the perfect name

A blog as lovely as a tree

“I thought I was finished with homework,” said a mom at our bus stop. It was not the first time we stood there waiting for the bus bemoaning all the homework we parents have to do because our kids are… Read moreA blog as lovely as a tree