Dream Friends Save Jews

Sometimes, text message exchanges make me laugh out loud. On fewer occasions, these exchanges make me laugh after I’ve read them a second time. And even more rarely, I feel that they are worth sharing with other people. Such was the… Read moreDream Friends Save Jews

I’d Rather Come Back A Cat Than A Dog Because….Pussies

“What does ‘He is risen’ mean?” asked my 9-year old, Levi, because it was Easter weekend, and he was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled through Facebook posts about Easter and Jesus and with all due respect to the… Read moreI’d Rather Come Back A Cat Than A Dog Because….Pussies

Ode to vaginas and Downtown Lisa Brown

I get by with A LOT of help from my friends – particularly the ladies in my life.  I become all weepy just thinking about where I am today and the writing trajectory I’m on and how I would not… Read moreOde to vaginas and Downtown Lisa Brown

Advice for my Fight Club children

I got home late last night after spending some time with some lady-friends.  Gabriella greeted me in the kitchen with that evening’s report.  “Your sister called.  And I successfully unwound the balloon string from the ceiling fan in Levi’s room.  Also, Asher couldn’t… Read moreAdvice for my Fight Club children

Sandra Bernhard at Town Hall

“I hope I will never meet the intersection of geriatric and sexy,” opened Sandra Bernhard at her Town Hall performance of I Love Being Me, Don’t You? on June 8th. She hasn’t, in fact, met that intersection quite yet –… Read moreSandra Bernhard at Town Hall

Shopping, returning & learning

I just spent an obscene amount of money. O – B – SEEEEEEN cash on a wardrobe for 2 small children for a Bar Mitzvah weekend extravaganza consisting of a Friday night dinner, Saturday morning service, Saturday evening party and… Read moreShopping, returning & learning

Vacation post

Sitting on the porch during a summer storm is the closest I like to get to roughing it. For the record, I have camped. Tents, campfires, sleeping bags, bugs, the whole megillah. I appreciate the appeal. I can understand the… Read moreVacation post

The change

I’m going through The Change. You may not want to hear about a woman in her 40s at the precipice of this monumental transition, I realize. I’m sure you have no interest in the sweaty, hot flashes or the dramatic… Read moreThe change

Flip-flop alert

There have been a fair number of evenings of late which have ended with more than a lady-like number of glasses of wine. I’m not just trying to take the edge off. I want to forget the details of the… Read moreFlip-flop alert