Debriefing Diversity Day

Having had diversified, I packed up my rainbows and headed home in the rain. It was difficult to believe that we had only spent 4 hours at the Diversity Fair at Asher’s elementary school when we finally made it home…. Read moreDebriefing Diversity Day

Whoopi does her own shopping

The exciting news of the day is that Whoopi Goldberg bought a house in the town next to ours. I had actually first gotten wind of the celebrity’s relocation from a neighbour who is working with Whoopi on a project…. Read moreWhoopi does her own shopping

Up your nose with a rubber hose

I’m not one for lists. I take that back. I love lists when I’m trying to organize my life. All over my house, lists upon lists. The home improvement list has just joined my collection of lists most recently, and… Read moreUp your nose with a rubber hose

Age of Communication

How great is skype? We just got off the webcam with friends. I feel like I’m slowly moving into the 21st century, and now everyone can see me do it with a webcam and skype! The conversation wasn’t without its… Read moreAge of Communication

BlogHer ’10 Community Keynote Address

The highlight of my blogging career was and may always be reading from Peaches & Coconuts at BlogHer 2010 in New York City during the Community Keynote Address. I had diarrhea for weeks leading up to my 5 minutes of… Read moreBlogHer ’10 Community Keynote Address