I Swallowed

Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, began Friday night and ended Saturday night.  I missed our annual block party scheduled by our lovely, gentile neighbors.  While the block was eating and drinking in 50-degree weather, we were breaking fast with… Read moreI Swallowed

I’d rather put my foot in my mouth

I am not my best self when I have not had enough sleep or when I am sick. If you were lucky enough to avoid me last weekend, you would not have experienced my bad self. Today, I’m slightly more… Read moreI’d rather put my foot in my mouth

Julie Goldman: Comedy Va-Genius

Julie Goldman performed at Montclair Statue University last Saturday night, and she rocked it, mutha fuckas! Pardon me, but I’m still a little Jersey-fied after the show. On the drive to MSU, I told Gabriella that not only were we… Read moreJulie Goldman: Comedy Va-Genius

BlogHer recap or BlogHer TMI

You’ll be happy to know that I have finally produced a solid bowel movement after weeks of nerves leading up to my 4 minutes of fame at BlogHer. It’s a Jewish thing. The inbreeding leads to neuroses and delicate digestive… Read moreBlogHer recap or BlogHer TMI

Itching to tell you something

There are plenty of couples out there engaging in hot ‘n steamy sex 3, 4…5 times a week. Good for you! We are not one of those couples. I don’t mean to make excuses, but Gabriella and I have been… Read moreItching to tell you something

I got me some birthday pie

A weekend at the beach is enough to make this girl feel rejuvenated. I’ve waited all winter long for this weather, and I am grateful for every minute of sunshine. Maybe I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, aptly abbreviated to… Read moreI got me some birthday pie

There goes my date with Doug

The morning rush to the bus stop is a stressful time. In a space of 45 minutes, Asher must make his bed, brush his teeth, go to the bathroom AND wash his hands, get dressed and eat a healthy breakfast…. Read moreThere goes my date with Doug

I needed a sign

I realize my foot has been off the blogging pedal. The warm weather has kept us all outdoors and my brain slightly fried. Even more significant is the new schedule Gabriella and I have adopted in order for her to… Read moreI needed a sign

Porch season

Sunday, Gabriella took the boys to Queens to hang out with Zia and Zio gifting me an afternoon alone. By myself. With no one around. Sola. Does absence make the heart grow fonder, or is a single afternoon an insufficient… Read morePorch season

It’s not pretty, but it’s funny

WARNING: USE HEADPHONES! LOTS OF F-ing and blinding. Sorry family. Thanks, Rhea for tipping me off to this clip posted on Defamer Australia.