Women’s March – A Mom’s Story

This post is a transcript of the story I read at the Studio B Story Slam last night. I would have posted a recording, but my lady spouse was out of town, and she’s my camera woman. Union job. Can’t ask… Read moreWomen’s March – A Mom’s Story

Morning Journal Entry from Remote Office aka Coffee Shop

8:45 AM: Approach counter at local café and order a large tea to nurse for the next two hours while working at said café. Barista tells me they are out of my green tea but would I like to drink… Read moreMorning Journal Entry from Remote Office aka Coffee Shop

The Feng Shui of a cluttered box

My box is so cluttered. If a Feng Shui master were to assess my box, that master would most likely tell me that all the clutter is draining my energy, the energy in my box, my digital box. My digital… Read moreThe Feng Shui of a cluttered box

New Things

Things look a little different around here and that is because I’ve transitioned. I’m still a PEACH, mind you, and I reckon I will always be a PEACH. I have, however, moved all my fruits and nuts out of Blogger… Read moreNew Things

Slamming with Studio B

Blogging is a fantastic springboard to spoken word IF you’re a writer who doesn’t mind the spotlight every now and then.  Not all writers like to put themselves out there.  I get that.  It’s scary to stand up in front… Read moreSlamming with Studio B

Sad sack no more

I never dread meeting new people. I love a party where I don’t know a soul. I have no problem walking into a room filled with folks who are richer, smarter or prettier than I am…primarily because that would describe… Read moreSad sack no more

Freshly squeezed writing juices

So much to write, so little time. Once upon a time, I wrote on my blog … often. I wrote to resuscitate my comatose brain that had atrophied from spending the majority of my time making grocery lists, doing laundry… Read moreFreshly squeezed writing juices


Why don’t I blog more often? Good question. Well, I don’t know. I used to blog all the time. It’s not as if blogging has taken a back seat to anything more worthy or more fun. What could possibly be… Read moreExorcism