Why don’t I blog more often? Good question. Well, I don’t know. I used to blog all the time. It’s not as if blogging has taken a back seat to anything more worthy or more fun. What could possibly be better than blogging? Are you shouting out answers into your screen? Are you aware that I can not actually hear you? Are you finished? Can I continue? Thank you.

Once the kids went back to school, I was supposed to have so much more time to write. Then again, Levi is only in school from 9am-12pm, and going to a Jewish preschool means that he’s home more often than not due to the Jewish holidays. This is the last week of holiday madness before Levi experiences a full week of school. Can I get an ‘Amen’? Again, if you are ‘Amen’ing, I sure do appreciate it, but I can not actually hear you. It’s fun to do, though, I encourage full participation regardless of who is there to witness it.

I started writing for my local news website, Patch, (for actual money-gasp!), and that has taken some – but not gobs – of time which is good because it does not pay gobs of money. The thing about making a little bit of money is that it’s much easier to spend than getting a big chunk of money. You may disagree, but….I can’t hear you….and also I’m referring to my own money habits which very well may differ from yours. I find it difficult to save small bits of money that could easily go to new clothes for the boys or tickets to Hairspray at the Paper Mill Playhouse (local plug), etc. I realize that my mad money could ultimately become some sort of home improvement fund if I sat on it – for years. But Gabriella is old, and I don’t think she should have to wait so long to see me enjoy some extra cash.

Where was I? See how easily I’m distracted. I need to find my way back to the blog and stop letting tedious parts of life lure me away from the thing that I love. I feel the void, and it’s yucking my yum.

I hereby exorcise the distractions out of my way. Facebook, food, online shopping offers forcing me to buy boat loads of crap I never knew I needed, Facebook.

LISTEN HERE, DISTRACTIONS!! Why don’t you make like Angelina on Jersey Shore and take your trashy, whoring ass out of here!! You’re a dirty, double-dipping, cat-fighting skanky pants, and I don’t need you all up in here spreading your U-G-L-Y!

What? I live in New Jersey, and my partner is an Italian from Queens. It’s required viewing in our house.

I feel better now. You?

I’ll be making my way back to you, babe with a burning love inside — though that could be the chips and super spicy salsa I just inhaled.

9 thoughts on “Exorcism

  1. “Jersey Shore” is my secret shame. Thank you for joining my club. Now I picture you sitting at home, hair in a bump-it and spray tanned until your skin looks like mine, wondering how many gorillas are in Levi’s school.


  2. Why thank you, Anon.

    I have always been a fan of big hair and brown skin, jennerilizations. Big hair offsets the smallness of my head, and the tan offsets the Eastern European pale excuse for skin I’m rockin. I tried to avoid the mutation, but I believe I was destined to become a Jersey girl though I leave it to Gabriella to wear the title of guidette. Amen.

  3. Look at that. I just started writing for our local Patch as well which only launched a few weeks ago. I joke that I’m making enough money now to cover my coffee shop tab.

  4. Pleased to me another Patchee! Patchette? Patcher? Well, If we’re ever in the same town, coffee will definitely be in order as it will be practicially free.

    Molly, thank you so much for posting the link to the It Gets Better Project to reach out to kids who are in pain and to honor the gay (or perceived as gay) kids who were bullied into taking their own lives. It’s a subject that hurts me deeply. I am disgusted that people can be so cruel and sad that anyone would choose death. It’s a wonderful initiative, and I do hope that it’s one of many to raise awareness, educate and create policies to prevent tragedies like these in the future.

    Oh Vikki! This is serious. WRITING BLOCK BE GONE from VIKKI like bed bugs riding into the murky night on the backs of vile mice. Don’t come around here no more!

  5. I love Jersey Shore. I can’t help it.

    I love you too, and miss you when you aren’t on the internets but there is plenty here to keep us all busy until you get a minute to sit down!

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