Getting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part I

My sister Rachel should have a blog. I tell her almost every day. She is exponentially funnier and way more outspoken than I am, and she never runs out of material. “Why don’t you just write down everything I say?” she says when I beg her to start a blog of her own. “Because these are not my stories to tell. And, you do it with such flare,” I say to her. But she’d rather scrapbook than blog. Such a waste of talent, I tell you. Not that scrapbooking is a waste of talent, mind you. I certainly do not need letters from angry scrapbookers maligning me for my lack of collage-appreciation. It is my opinion, however, that she’d get immense satisfaction and tremendous positive reinforcement for her published sensibilities. But who am I but a blogger?

It was Rachel who sent me the link for an infomercial insisting I watch the miracle of EGGIES. I watched the video in awe as if my entire world was about to change. Here in one, inexpensive product was the opportunity to make hard boiled eggs without ever having to peel them. Imagine the perfectly boiled and smooth egg void of crack or dimple or gauge due to human mishandling.

I ordered a set of EGGIES, which arrived just in time for Up Popped A Fox’s Vikki Reich to test them with me. Vikki was in town for her birthday weekend extravaganza smorgasbord, and Gabriella and I were poised to invite our way into her birthday itinerary. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with eggs. I mean, we all start out as eggs, right?

We poured a bit of vino and broke out the EGGIES to test in my kitchen, and I became the Ed McMahon to Vikki’s Johnny Carson. I think it works.

Admittedly, we may have had more fun making this video than you will have watching it, but we hope that it provides you with some value or some laughs or even a better understanding of our need to please you that we would spend hours of a birthday weekend night making hard boiled eggs.

Here is Part I of GETTING TESTY WITH DEBORAH & VIKKI. Tune in tomorrow for, you guessed it, Part II.

12 thoughts on “Getting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part I

  1. Hi Denise! I highly recommend that you watch both parts before using your Eggies for maximum egg potential. Tomorrow-part 2.

    Great point, Momo Fali! If you have used the Eggie as a menstrual cup, it’s best to wash it out thoroughly. I don’t think it’s wise to mix human and chicken menses. Thank you.

  2. If you make the eggies, don’t make the same mistakes we did. The biggest mistake being – of course – using the eggies. I will say that 1/2 an eggie makes a great helmet for a kitten.

  3. Maybe Eggies were meant to be assistive cooking devices for people born without thumbs. Although, assembly seems to require many hands.

    Loved the video and am looking forward to Part II. I creep your blog a lot and finally summoned up the gumption to comment.

  4. BML, I can’t give away the verdict just yet! I will tell you that we learned some valuable lessons that will make the experiment worthwhile regardless of the outcome…or at least that’s what we’re telling ourselves. Until tomorrow.

    Patti! First of all, WELCOME from your creeping lurk-land. So glad you commented as we never would have thought about the merits of Eggies for the thumbless. It is true, however, that one needs many hands and a keen mind to use Eggies properly. Surely keener minds than ours would find them much easier to use. Stay tuned!

  5. I can’t wait any longer. Please post part 2 immediately. I’ve got to know what happens.

    And I’m worried about all of the improperly disposed Eggies (because of them being so labor intensive) – will they wash ashore and will birdies get stuck in them? Will they die looking like dogs with lampshades around their necks?

  6. IM, your concerns are valid and appreciated, and we at Getting Testy have taken note. So, we’ll be creating mini terrariums in each one to be distributed to our children’s teachers and service providers this holiday season. Thank you.

    Pencil, you are not alone. 11 minutes, and a recurring favorite seems to be the finger waving. She’s a born star, that Gabriella, and there’s more to come.

  7. As I was watching, I found myself shouting “Use the collar!” when Vikki was trying to join the two halves of the EGGIE. It’s the first time I’ve ever shouted at a video on the internet.

    Other highlights: the shaking of the finger from the tech crew to get the measuring cup and the cookie story.

    I want to know what would happen if you didn’t grease the EGGIE.

    Also, it only takes 10 minutes to cook an egg in the shell. How in the hell can it take 17 minutes in the plastic thingee?
    On to Part II.

  8. Gabriella is sure to win Best Supporting Techie for her finger waving. Luisa is up for Best Cinematography. She’s bound to win in our made-up awards ceremony where there is no competition.

    I think the eggs would stick without greasing up the Eggie. I’m assuming disasters past informed the instructions on that one.

    Quite right about the time it takes to make a hard boiled Eggie. Wonder if doing it the old fashioned way AND peeling the egg would be faster than using Eggies. Maybe we need to have an egg-off. Does that sound….a – PEEL -ing??

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