Listen To Your Mother NYC: Comment and Win!

Win tickets and become part of a movement! 

Hmm, every time I say movement, I think of bowel movement.  But Listen To Your Mother is nothing like a bowel movement.  I take that back.  A good bowel movement can feel pretty satisfying.  Don’t pretend you don’t know what I mean.  But as cleansing and rejuvenating as a good BM can be, I didn’t actually intend to liken this extraordinary show with pooping.

What I meant to say was that I have tickets to give away for Listen To Your Mother in New York City, and you want to be a part of it. 

At 5PM on Sunday, May 12th, at Symphony Space on New York’s Upper West Side, Listen To Your Mother will “give Mother’s Day a Microphone.” This New York City production- one of 24 Listen to Your Mother shows taking place across the country this year- will feature prominent local writers and performers telling their own tales of motherhood in all of its complexity, diversity and humor.

I am giving away 2 tickets to one fortunate commenter on this particular post to experience this transformative show.  I don’t exaggerate.  Well, not about this particular show, I don’t.  Reading my piece last year was, of course, a fantastic high, but even more gratifying was listening to all the comments from audience members after the show who connected to each story in some way.  I don’t want to sell it too hard, but the experience moved people, and I want you to be moved.  So, comment to win.

Comment and win tickets to surprise a mother in your life. 

Comment and win tickets to go see a show instead of sitting at home wondering why you didn’t plan anything special for Mother’s Day. 

Comment and win tickets to go see an amazing cast deliver outstanding performances.

Comment and win tickets because I’m going to be there, and I will give you a full body hug – unless you would prefer a handshake. 

Comment and win tickets because you have nothing to lose and because winning feels like a cool, fresh breeze in between your thighs on a hot, humid day.

And if you comment but don’t win, come anyway, and I will still give you full body hug. 

So, we’re all clear for May 12th then?  Mother’s Day Brunch and then a trip to Symphony Space

Contest ends May 8th.

5 thoughts on “Listen To Your Mother NYC: Comment and Win!

  1. this looks great, but yeah, the airfare would be an ISSUE. I’m sitting here having breakfast with my daughter who a mother of a 21 mos. old boy. Could she tell you some stories!

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