Meanwhile Back in New Jersey

SCOTUS ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional and kicked Prop 8 to the curb, and that is all very, very exciting.  But here in New Jersey, Governor Christie continues to allow his personal and subjective views on morality get in the way of equality for ALL of his constituents.  Celebrations are bittersweet when we know that the Supreme Court rulings only reign supreme outside of my own state.  Well, Chris Christie, it is on!  You’ll wonder what happened, slumped in an obsolete corner of darkness while the nation leaps over you and laughs at your inability to see the obvious.  I bring you the obvious – EQUALITY IS COMING, so sayeth the Supreme Court and all these revelers of the SCOTUS rulings at the North Jersey Pride Victory Celebration in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Gene Chollett & C.J. Prince from North Jersey Pride
Interview with Star Ledger
Maddy & Julie Petrow-Cohen

Straight allies Matthew, Dina & Ben

ACLU-NJ policy counsel Alexander Shalom 
Jeffrey Campbell, Executive Director of Hudson Pride Connections Center 
Maplewood Mayor Vic DeLuca

After our invited guests joined us in celebration, locals took to the open mic to share excitement, experiences and general good will.

Are those bottles in your arm or are you just hap…oh, bottles.

1 thought on “Meanwhile Back in New Jersey

  1. I am with you on this one. Let’s get on with it. It isn’t legal here in Oregon either and honestly I wish my gay friends and family members could get married here and not have to head south to California. I am playing around with wedding signs and props in my Etsy shop and hopeful that I can provide them for gay as well as straight couples. It would be an honor! Keep up the good fight and I’m crossing fingers this country will start to get it right!

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