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Things look a little different around here and that is because I’ve transitioned. I’m still a PEACH, mind you, and I reckon I will always be a PEACH. I have, however, moved all my fruits and nuts out of Blogger and on to WordPress.  I kind of can’t believe I did it. By myself. I’m feeling good about it because this change has been long coming, but there were always mountains too high for me to climb … in my mind. Would I need to pay someone to help me so I didn’t screw it up? If I did it myself, would I screw it up? But the biggest mountain was the story I had told myself – that the blog was not worth the effort because it was just a blog.

My just-a-blog has been very, very good to me since I published my first piece. The thing is, I didn’t start writing a blog so that it could give back. I wrote because I needed the outlet, and writing has always been that outlet for me. It’s true that I’ve often wished my blog would become a springboard for other writing opportunities, and, in fact, it has. But while those opportunities come and go, I still need this space. This move to a WordPress is my way of neatening things up a bit – moving the furniture, adding a lamp, filing old paperwork – so that I can keep doing the thing I love to do.

There are many things I need to learn about this platform and this theme that I chose. There are a bunch of icons on my Dashboard that are new to me and fancy Widgets I’d like to consider. Much like recipes in a cookbook, the screenshots for this Theme looked far better than my blog is looking right now. I’ll get there. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep writing. I hope you’ll keep tuning in. I do love to entertain, and now that I’ve moved the furniture around, there is more room for us to sit a spell.


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  1. I’m a slug for taking so long to comment, but better late than never: the place looks gorgeous! Congrats! Also? I like the clean look! I know you’re not designing by popular vote, but still. Makes me feel all fresh and post-enema!

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