Ode to vaginas and Downtown Lisa Brown

I get by with A LOT of help from my friends – particularly the ladies in my life.  I become all weepy just thinking about where I am today and the writing trajectory I’m on and how I would not be on this path if it weren’t for my lady friends who big me up and give me just the right combination of encouragement, praise and critique that I need to go from one challenge to the next.

Last night, I threw my name in the hat at our local story slam hosted by Studio B, purveyors of culture, arts and good times.  I’ve read in front of people – not so many times that it has become old hat and certainly not often enough to avoid dry mouth, knee-shaking and overall horror.  This particular event made me particularly terrified.
I was nervous because this is my town, you know?  These are people whom I know and love … or people who despise me from afar and send telepathic hexes, willing me to suck.  There aren’t that many people in the latter category that I know of, but I’m sure they’re out there. 

Furthermore, these sister towns are brimming with talent.  You’ll recall that we’re a 35(ish) minute direct train ride into NYC, and house prices are down right dirt-cheap compared to Manhattan real estate, which means that many performers or producers of art who prefer a bit of lawn or a bit of space land here.  Point being, the bar is high, and looking up at it for too long gives me a searing pain in my neck. 

I did it.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself that even if the hexes took effect, I had cleaned up good – sporting the necklace Gabriella gave me for Mother’s Day.
Fabulous jewelry makes me so very happy!
Here is where I plug our dear friend Lisa Murray (not literally of course though she is a beautiful gal with a heart as big as her glorious rack).  If you’re in the market for stylish and funky jewelry or artful housewares, do give Lisa at Mia Cose Bella a shout!
Once I got that first laugh, I settled in to the piece and had my way with it. I was shaking for about 20 minutes after I read it, exhilarated and still completely freaked out.  Some of my ladies were there in the audience parked right up front for moral support.  At the end of the reading, Gabriella cheered the loudest, her voice traveling to the stage convincing me that the entire room was on their feet in wild applause.  They weren’t, but it was a good feeling nonetheless.
And by the by, I WON!!!
I bring you my story slam piece, Ode to Vagina inspired by our boys and Michigan House Representative Downtown Lisa Brown and dedicated to the phenomenal vagina-owners in my life.
A note about the video quality.  It was dark.  And also, there was no A/C, and we’re in the middle of a heat wave, so there were industrial fans pointed at us from every direction.  I recommend headphones and jacking up the volume.  And also, Gabriella is a fine videographer but she is an even finer partner who laughs at my jokes no matter how often she’s heard them.  Her unsteady hand reflects as much, and I love her for it. 

Please to enjoy:

24 thoughts on “Ode to vaginas and Downtown Lisa Brown

  1. That was In-GINE-ious! Not to mention Hi-lez-erous! You had me laughing nearly as hard as Gabriella. You sounded very natural, and tackled what could have been a cringe-inducing subject for any parent with honest humor and aplomb. Bravissimo! Keep up the fantastic work- you were obviously born for this!

    1. WOW thank you, Lauren!! It’s a subject matter that does tend to excite me…the nature of words, I mean of course. Thank you for your very kind words!

    1. Had we recorded the other readers, you might not have guessed I’d walk away with the prize. Lots of good stuff! Clearly the judges preferred vag-talk to anything else. Thank you!!

  2. Hey, Deb – your reading was fabulously funny & clever! Caused chortling (lots of chortling) this morning! Mazel Tov on your well-deserved win!

  3. “like a party-blower” – hilarious

    Sounds like you owned that stage Deborah, so sorry to have missed out seeing you perform yet again. you are amazingly talented lady!

    1. She’ll be most pleased to be acknowledged. I love doing readings, but I don’t know that I ever want to do them without her. She spoils me so.

    1. No, YOU rock, Marj!! In this crazy, mixed up world where we’re all running full-speed on our own hamster wheels, sharing IS caring! Thanks so much for passing it on.

    1. Garshk, thank you!! Yes, I did practice some…choreography…which kept my hands busy. I suffer from exaggerated gesticulation otherwise known as Jew Speak.

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