Prop 8 Wedgie

I really do try to keep it light, but I’ve got a Prop 8 wedgie, and I’ve got to pick it out.

Wake up gays and friends of! The impassioned pleas are completely misdirected, in my humble opinion. We keep trying to reach out to homophobes and convince them that gay is ok. Waste of time. You can’t teach a homophobe to love homos like you can’t teach a pro-lifer to love the right to choose.

There are people who believe in their heart of hearts that homosexuality is unnatural, amoral and a sin against their God. They fight against gay rights as we would fight against the rights of pedophiles. I’m not likening gays to pedophiles, but I am trying to illustrate why I think we’re barking up the wrong tree.

Homophobes do not care how much we love each other. They do not care how long we’ve been together in our relationships or how many people support us. It is irrelevant that we floss our teeth, give to charity, recycle or save babies from burning buildings. Supporting gay marriage would be like supporting a pedophile’s right to run a day-care. It doesn’t matter that said pedophile is a do-gooder in every other aspect of his/her life. We would fight passionately to protect our children from the Pedophile Playground – no matter how many people signed petitions or how many You Tube videos condemned us.

We do need to mobilize our supporters to protect the rights that we still have in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey and New Hampshire. We must continue to educate. Prop 8 passed not because there were so many people who opposed gay marriage per se but because there were so many LIES told about what would happen if they supported it. And, we need to move the issue out of the states and into the hands of a Supreme Court AFTER we replace a few of the Justices with Justices who legislate in support of separation of church and state and in support of equal rights for all individuals.

I’ll keep signing the PETITIONS and forwarding the videos. It’s wonderful to see so many people rally around gay marriage. We could use all the PR we can get to influence and reach out to those undecided or misinformed voters as well as Justices-to-be. Be out, loud and proud, and don’t waste your energy hating the haters.


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3 thoughts on “Prop 8 Wedgie

  1. I think Sarah Palin is looking for a job…

    Seriously, you seem totally right Deborah. I know there are many reasons why gay marriage is more possible in Canada than the US, but the debate about gay marriage in Canada did overwhelmingly focus on protecting freedom of religion and the rights of religious institutions (rather than a call to accept gay love, for example). I think that once the (usually religious) opponents of gay marriage are satisfied that their religious communities are protected, it sort of takes the load off for them.

    The other part of the campaign I believe was all about showcasing gay families with children. Show angry protesters with picket signs and it just won’t help. So on TV your viewer gets to watch two moms or two dads talk about the same issues most parents are going through, like saving for kids education and getting dinner on the table, and it #1 takes the mystique out of gay families, and #2 lets the notion sink in that like it or not gay couples are going to continue to have families – so why bother fighting against a fait accompli? True this isn’t inspiring stuff, but the population almost needs to be desensitized before we can move forward on this issue.

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