Story Slam: Raising Boys Without Sports

Per the Studio B Story Slam Statutes as stated by Slam Supervisors, the story subjugator of a story slam will stand on stage at the subsequent slam and start said slam with a story. So…

(Love a little alliteration.)

At the last slam, I told the winning story, a story about the Women’s March. Some would say that my prize was the Studio B March Survival Kit, which included such practical items as a rain poncho, hand wipes, a protein bar, a travel pack of tampons AND liners (yuh-huh!), and a disposable toilet seat cover. I still have the 4 Beyond Seven lightly lubricated condoms if anyone would like them. Are there expiration dates for those things? I don’t see any, so claim them at your own risk. For me, the prize is getting the invitation to read at the next slam for a victory lap slot. Last night, I claimed my prize and kicked off yet another fantastic night of storytelling. I was the storytelling fluffer, and fluff I did. Suffice it to say, by the end of the night, we all realized a happy ending.

Our hosts, sparkling in wit and attire, succeeded giving our community a night to remember. I’ve said it before now, and I’ll said it again. I love the creativity and talent around these parts. And I love the people who shine the spotlight on that creativity and talent that allows us all to celebrate it. So, thank you, Marcy & Jenny for all that you do at Studio B! And thank you to my lady-spouse who claps the longest, laughs the loudest, and records my stories.

Raising Boys Without Sports – October 21, 2017 (if you’re receiving this post in email, visit the site to see the video.)


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