I love to write. I also love to read what I write out loud. I realized how much I enjoyed sharing my words in real time in 2010 during BlogHer’s Voices of the Year Community Keynote where I read my piece, Divorce is So Gay. To hear the sounds of approval and laughter inspired me to participate in story slams and spoken word events, most of which my lady spouse recorded for me as she is my biggest fan. I share them with you here.


Mother’s Helper: Listen To Your Mother 2019

Home Run: Raising Boys without Sports

OUTspoken! Chicago at Sidetrack: LGBTQ Stories

When Republicans Refused to Say Vagina

Chanukah Wins

Coming Out

Hands in Pants

Bosom Buddies

Listen To Your Mother NYC: The A-Chunk-Alypse

BlogHer Community Keynote, Voices of the Year 2010: Divorce is so Gay (begins 3:00)