Waning Gibbous smack down

Is it a new moon?  It isn’t, I know, because I saw the moon in the morning sky on the way to the bus stop, and I said, “Asher, look at the moon!”  And he said, “Uh huh.”  And then I thought, “I guess that wasn’t much of a nature break, and then he said, “Wait, what is it?  I mean, is it a crescent moon or half or what?”  “It looks like it’s just about full but missing only a chunk – maybe it’s Waning Gibbous.”  And that’s how I know it’s not a full moon, but I had to second guess myself because when it’s a full moon, it always takes longer to get from one place to the next.  The universe and lunar gravitational pull conspire to place enough obstructions in your way to start wishing for a big, bowl of wine at about 10:30AM.

Today, it seemed as though all of Essex County, New Jersey conspired to get busy all over my navigational path.  The law enforcing men in blue (cause they were all men) decided to block off the road where our school bus travels because they reckoned the morning school run was a good time to pull over random vehicles for inspection checks.  And on the other side of our bus stop, cones blocked the rest of the bus route while a team of tree people were doing things to trees with big trucks.  I sat patiently waiting for the school bus that would make me late for school, and who knows how late the children would be after the tree-detour.  Tree-tour?  I couldn’t worry about it.  I had to go.

The not-full-moon mocked me at school, too, where landscape engineers closed our playground this morning, and just this morning, for improvements, which will provide a glorious space for exploration.  But, this morning it was not to be that place.

This was also going to be the morning that a couple of the preschool children realized that this school thing was not some sort of one-off and that they would be dropped off each morning for the unforeseeable future.  For some of them, this was not a happy realization.  Transitions are hard-especially when the not-full-moon is whispering in preschool ears, “Scream until you rupture her eardrum…and don’t stop!”

After all the children were collected – smiling of course after finally allowing themselves to enjoy the day – I had just enough time to get home, go to the bathroom and run out to the bus to meet Asher after his half-day.  Half day.  Ugh.  Tonight was Back To School Night at his school where the teachers walk parents through the year’s curriculum and when they also tell us that whatever we’ve been doing so far is wrong. 

The boys were very excited about their gymnastics classtoday.  I decided to leave a bit early because of the not-full-moon.  Sure nuff, detours.  Roadwork. But we made it to class just in time for me to hit the cacophonous mob of yelling children coming out of the earlier classes.   I tried to find a chair where I could sit and finish the post I had started earlier.  That particular post is not this post because the not-full-moon preferred I write this one.  That not-full-moon fucked up my day and then allowed my punctual arrival to gymnastics only to see a young woman who used to serve me my tea at Starbucks.  We would greet each other warmly and banter and laugh about my Starbucks Name.  I hadn’t seen her in a while.

“Are you still at Starbucks?”

“No,” she said, “I’m babysitting these days, which is much better for me.  I’ve got three kids right now I’m watching a few afternoons a week.”

“Huh, I didn’t know you babysat….”

It was then I felt the moon shift enough to reprogram its force upon the planet and my life.  The universe was gifting me a babysitter!

“Would you like to sit for me some time?”  I asked, but I already knew what she would say.  I left with her number in my pocket and the moon making its way to another phase to torment someone somewhere else for a spell.

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