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4 BlogHers under my belt–my belt now distended from buffet meals, vodka and late night peanut M&Ms. What’s left to say?  Aren’t I supposedto write a recap so that I can tell the world how one weekend changed my life?  Oy.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

For those of you who are not familiar, BlogHer is the largest of the many blogging conferences for women (and a few men) who are new bloggers, old bloggers, famous bloggers, niche bloggers, social media mavens, blogging whores & brand pimps, published authors who sometimes blog, bloggers who sometimes publish and everyone who understands the power and influence of blogging…like President Barack Obama for example.

Maybe this year, I won’t write a recap after all.  That will set me apart from the rest. Yeah, cuz my BlogHer weekend was personal and meaningful, and I don’t want to cheapen the experience by posting a recap just to drive traffic to my blog, sucking people in with Twitter hash tags promising BlogHer Gone Wild pics. Yeah, I’m classy like that.  
Maybe I won’t write a recap because I didn’t speak at a panel or become besties with internet famous bloggers or meet celebrities at private parties or exchange bodily fluids with brands or do whatever bloggers do when they quote-unquote-partner (insert bunny ears making quotation marks).  I mean, what is there to say if I didn’t set the blog world on fire…so we can burn brighter…than the sun?
Except that a week later, I still chuckle when I think about those actual Bloggers Gone Wild moments that I’m afraid I can never share with you good people.  And except that when I think about the conference panelists and the Voices of the Year participants who represent all that is smart and talented and enterprising and courageous about blogging, I still feel a surge of pride and a tingling in my loins.  Then I realize that after sitting at panel after panel, my thong underwear has flossed its way up to my lady-gums, which is causing the tingling.

My first was Chicago 2009.  I did not have a blog wife to keep me laughing all day and all night.  I did not rehearse an elevator pitch that would peak curiosity and attract thousands of new readers.  I did not have a snazzy, professionally designed logo for my business card.  I did not understand why anyone would pay all that money for air fare, a conference pass, a hotel room and new summer frocks just so they could party and collect swag and avoid all the panels.

After that first conference weekend of trying to absorb as much as I possibly could, I remember feeling over stimulated, overwhelmed, more than a little sweaty and terribly small.  And yet, when BlogHer founders announced it would be in New York in 2010, I figured, what the hell?  I keep going back for more.  “But more of what?” you ask.  “What do you get out of it?”

Over the past few years at BlogHer, I’ve had to do some processing about what the conference means to me and whether or not I can justify going year after year – asking Gabriella to take time off work – coming home exhausted, dehydrated and with bags filled with crap.  This year’s lesson to the boys was an economic overview of international trade and the ramifications of manufacturing cheaply made products overseas after their hand held battery operated combination fan/flashlights broke within the first 3 minutes of handling. 

In 2009, I went to the conference to learn.  Others went for the people.  I had my own people, thank you very much.  I had in-real-life people.  I get it now, and now I too go for the people.  I love the people.   There’s some learning, too.  There’s always the learning.  But now there are the people – the blogging people who have become my friends, my inspiration, my network, my colleagues and my village.  I need these people to reinforce that particular part of me that is blogging in a way my real-life people cannot.  And every year I meet new people who remind me how vital this community is.  They keep the conversation fresh and they challenge me to make new online goals (E-missions as we in the online world like to call them).  

When I take the time to trace the lines back from where I am now and what I’ve done to their ignition points, I find the blogging people who have encouraged me and helped me get here.  As long as I can afford the price of the ticket, I will keep going back to find that energy and connection and sidesplitting laughter that make this blogging gig so very worthwhile.  

Also, BlogHer is like a women’s prison, and I keep waiting for the year that the straight women explore their inner lesbians.  I’m ready for you, ladies!! 

Not really, Gabriella.  (wink, wink)

Because I was so very present at BlogHer, I took few photos.  Many of the few will not been released for public consumption.  So, this is what I’ve got. 

I still have my childhood copy of “The Lorax.”  Very special to meet my hero after all these years.
Susan at the Blog to Essay panel which was super duper smart and useful.

The camera was attached her helmet all weekend.  She had arms, so…I dunno, but I’d love to see the footage!

Picked this one up back stage at Voices of the Year in 2010 and never let her go. 

We were the blog wives and concubine – or – Charlie’s Gay Angels.  When we dealt out the parts, I landed the role I have always played since my youth.  I am forever Sabrina.  It’s the glasses and the small head.

So proud of our concubine who delivered a gorgeous VOTY piece.

She did not lisp the swirls and was simply sublime.

24 thoughts on “You BlogHer – You BroughtHer

  1. It was nice meeting you there at Voices of the Year.

    I don’t understand what those flashlight/fans were about. You can’t even use the light and the fan at the same time. If I can’t fan myself while i read comic books under the cover of darkness, what good is it?

  2. Attending BlogHer this year fulfilled a life-long dream of mine: to be chosen to play Farrah Fawcett’s role in Charlie’s Angels. I’ve been Sabrina all my life and I finally got to be Jill Munroe.

    BlogHer really does make dreams come true.

  3. I’m just hoping you weren’t kidding about finding me LOVE. 😉

    You are also a multimedia master, my brave new friend. I’m happy we got to share some of the most surreal and yet entirely entertaining times in lo these seven years of my BlogHers. You were a bright spot, for sure.

    1. Not to worry. I’m going to raffle you off on my Facebook Fan Page.

      Upon reflection (and careful review of all that I captured on video), I cannot help but laugh until I gasp for air and thank you for raising the BlogHer bar to an Olympic level.

    1. No thongs…unless you enjoy the occasional tingle.

      Very glad I don’t have to wait until Chicago to see you! We shall discuss thongs at length on our next date.

  4. Oh my GAAAH! You make me laugh: “Also, BlogHer is like a women’s prison, and I keep waiting for the year that the straight women explore their inner lesbians. I’m ready for you, ladies!!”

    Why do I love BlogHer? Because in the 2.5 years since I started my blog I have met women who bring tears to my eyes they are so salt of the earth. I have met you, Vikki, Polly, Shannon, Anissa, Robin, Shari, Varda, and I can never stop listing the names.

    You are the people I feel I was made to meet and walk through life yet.

    Why are we drawn to the people we fall for? I have no idea. I’m just fat dumb and happy that I have found you all.

    My kind of people.

    What a pleasure to know you, follow you on your blog and I cannot wait to see all of you in Chicago. Because you make me smile with tears. I have found you.

    1. And I love how my blogging circles overlap proving that good people meet good people and somehow I eventually meet them. I am supremely lucky, I am.

      I am also feeling lucky that BlogHer ’13 is a week earlier AND that this year is not a leap year. There will be fewer days to count down. Until then, my friend, I will see you online.

    2. Aw. Have I mentioned today how happy I am to be part of the queer moms Charlie’s Angels triumvirate? Trifecta? Trio? Even if my character did end up designing clothes for Kmart.

  5. I think we may have met, briefly, at the EdenFantasys booth. 🙂 In any case, hello! This was my second BlogHer (first was 2010), and third blogging conference (second was Type-A Mom 2010), and I took away plenty: fun, information, potential brand partnerships, and of course, swag. Oh, the swag. And while I took several hundred photos, and uploaded dozens and recapped the majority of my BlogHer ’12 experience, like you there are still plenty of moments I’m keeping to myself – and still giggling over. 🙂

    1. Yes we did – in the booth. I never forget a good time. I’m still giggling too and wishing I could share so much more, but I guess what happens at BlogHer stays at BlogHer – much to the relief of many of my cohorts. Chicago ’13 then?

  6. I left my meno-Poise fan/flashlight in NYC. I had enough on my hands carrying on the 5,007 vibrators I picked up.*

    *Guess what? Some of them *weren’t* vibrators after all.

    So glad to know I’ll be doing this again and again, if only for the special time with my blog wife.

    Glad to have found your blog, bummed I didn’t meet you at BlogHer 12.

    Nicole/Ninja Mom

    1. Some weren’t vibrators?!? I’ll have to give them a second look. Everything is still packaged and battery-less.

      No bumming allowed. Chicago ’13 will be upon us before we know it. I plan to hide under my blanket – with my vibrators – until then. Hope to see you there!

  7. I looked and looked for you but never found you. I’m thinking of going to Chicago, and schlepping the family over there to have some educational day-fun. But they can stay in the room at night, and maybe then we’ll run in to each other!

    1. I wish we had connected!! If I could turn back time… So, Chicago then. I hope you manage it, and we’ll absolutely make sure to hang out. No maybes about it.

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