Starbucks Oppresses Jewish Teabaggers

I learned how to be a Jewish Teabagger from my mother who learned from her mother who undoubtedly learned from her mother before that. I come from a long line of Jewish Teabaggers. The first time I witnessed Jewish Teabagging… Read moreStarbucks Oppresses Jewish Teabaggers

Lessons Joan Rivers Taught Me

My parents were the Jewish Cleavers, practically scripted in their wholesomeness. I guess that would make me Wally as I am the oldest child, but I’m sure no one would be surprised by my penchant for the Beaver. Mom stayed… Read moreLessons Joan Rivers Taught Me

Good to be a gay Jersey Jew

We moved to Illinois after my father completed his residency in California.  California was a godless state, according to my mother, and she couldn’t wait to move back to Chicago.  I was 5 years old when we joined the conservative… Read moreGood to be a gay Jersey Jew

I Swallowed

Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement, began Friday night and ended Saturday night.  I missed our annual block party scheduled by our lovely, gentile neighbors.  While the block was eating and drinking in 50-degree weather, we were breaking fast with… Read moreI Swallowed

Nice Place To Visit But I Can’t Live Without Jews

In four hours time, our family was transported from Northeastern suburbia to the rural forestry of the Green Mountain State, Vermont.  Thanks to the kindness of friends, we were able to escape our usual grind and unplug and unwind in… Read moreNice Place To Visit But I Can’t Live Without Jews

Passover Past and Present

Ten years ago on Passover my brother Benjamin visited Gabriella and me in London.  We prepared a Seder with our dear friends with all the kosher fixings from Golders Green in North London.  The following observation is an over-simplified, undocumented… Read morePassover Past and Present

I’d Rather Pump My Own

My trips to fill the gas tank have become uncomfortable of late, and I am not referring to the rising price of gas.  “Why complain,” you wonder aloud.  “You lazy sods in New Jersey with your lawsforbidding untrained lay pumpers… Read moreI’d Rather Pump My Own

Bar Mitzvah Breakdown

Levi said he did not want to have a Bar Mitzvah because it looked like too much work.  Indeed, my nephew did do a tremendous amount of preparation and led the majority of the service a couple weeks ago.  He… Read moreBar Mitzvah Breakdown

My Sister’s Mom-Mitzvah

This Saturday, my nephew will become a man.  At age almost 13.  That does not mean that I have hired a prostitute named Candy to escort him past the labial curtains of sexual relations.  (He has previously indicated his preference… Read moreMy Sister’s Mom-Mitzvah

Christmas is in the eye of the beholder

“Hey Deborah, will you be celebrating Christmas?” an acquaintance asks in her politically correct tone which, if you are unfamiliar with that tone, is half an octave higher than a person’s normal tone and is ever so slightly sing-song though not… Read moreChristmas is in the eye of the beholder