Passover Past and Present

Ten years ago on Passover my brother Benjamin visited Gabriella and me in London.  We prepared a Seder with our dear friends with all the kosher fixings from Golders Green in North London.  The following observation is an over-simplified, undocumented… Read morePassover Past and Present

The score on Mothers’ Day

The night before Mother’s Day, we went to a party.  Gabriella surprised me with my Mother’s Day gift – a gorgeously funky necklace I had spotted in a friend’s shop.  Gabriella decided to present it to me that night to… Read moreThe score on Mothers’ Day

Listening is fashion forward

This Sunday, I’ll be using 5 minutes of my allotted 15 minutes of fame for Listen To Your Mother NYC.  I haven’t put much thought into it honestly because if I do, I have to think about the sold-out, 250… Read moreListening is fashion forward

Lament of a house frau

Someone asked me recently if Gabriella and I ever wanted our set up to be any different – other than having Gabriella work full time while I stayed home and played house frau. No, I said. It just sort of… Read moreLament of a house frau

Happy Glass Half Full Day

The anniversary of Asher and Levi’s adoption came and went without any fanfare last week. If it weren’t for the recurring event in my calendar, I would not have remembered. I’m confident that Gabriella is not bothered about missing the… Read moreHappy Glass Half Full Day


Our household is currently recovering from The A–CHUNK-A-LYPSE. After dinner the other night, I left Levi to brush his teeth with his electric toothbrush while I loaded the dishwasher. Asher had already finished his two minute cleansing and had parked… Read morea-CHUNK-a-lypse

The mutha-load

Mother’s Day is a pain in my ass, and I have a very high tolerance for pain. In my ass. Before I even get to the two moms conundrum, let’s discuss the fact that neither Gabriella nor I has a… Read moreThe mutha-load

At what age do they NOT want to spend time with Mom?

Asher decided not to go with Mommy (Gabriella) and Levi to the grocery store because he wanted to “keep Mom (me) company.” I cannot remember the last time Mommy offered to take both boys out anywhere and leave me to… Read moreAt what age do they NOT want to spend time with Mom?

The secret word is FUN

I was yelling at my children again while driving home from the grocery store. Asher and Levi were getting on each other’s nerves, and they were fraying the very ends of mine. On such occasions, I can sometimes tune them… Read moreThe secret word is FUN

Fifteen minutes

Fifteen minutes. I think. Felt like hours of super slow motion. I lost Levi. Of course, to Asher I said, “Levi wasn’t lost. We just didn’t know where he was.” They were just words. We are both traumatized. We were… Read moreFifteen minutes