My Sister’s Mom-Mitzvah

This Saturday, my nephew will become a man.  At age almost 13.  That does not mean that I have hired a prostitute named Candy to escort him past the labial curtains of sexual relations.  (He has previously indicated his preference… Read moreMy Sister’s Mom-Mitzvah

Getting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part I

My sister Rachel should have a blog. I tell her almost every day. She is exponentially funnier and way more outspoken than I am, and she never runs out of material. “Why don’t you just write down everything I say?”… Read moreGetting Testy with Deborah & Vikki: Part I

All hail Auntie Rachel

I had never taken the boys on a trip by myself. And being my son’s mother, new experiences for which I have no reference scare the bejeezus out of me. When I weighed my options, however, I decided that taking… Read moreAll hail Auntie Rachel

Debbie Friedman

Debbie Friedman died yesterday, January 9th. If you are not Jewish or a musician, you might not know that Debbie Friedman was a composer and musician whose influence on Jewish music was profound. She infused the sounds of 60s and… Read moreDebbie Friedman

Thanksgiving 2010

I’m torn about blogging the holidays. Who cares what my family did this Thanksgiving? Like many of us, we ate and talked and ate and laughed and ate and drank here and there. I know that many of you experienced… Read moreThanksgiving 2010

Love notes

When I was in school, my mother packed me a lunch every day. I preferred tunafish sandwiches to anything else. I had a taste for fish from an early age… My mother used to write me notes that simply said… Read moreLove notes

Chew this!

We are on a quest to discover what makes our quirky little Asher tick. Our small man had a tough year in kindergarten, and we’re determined to do whatever we can to help make first grade a happier experience. One… Read moreChew this!

Crap day at the office

We went out last night-dancing in the city for a friend’s birthday party that kicked off at 9pm, and we were toast by 12:30am. It’s not that we’re so old that we can’t stay out late, but our kids wake… Read moreCrap day at the office

Belated thanks

I meant to write a Thanksgiving post in which I itemize all my blessings and heartfelt thanks. Thing is, I’ve spent this entire year giving thanks, and I needed to edit the list. Nothing like a little unemployment to kick… Read moreBelated thanks


As children, my sister and I would often confound friends and family who could not tell who was on the other end of the phone when they called. We inevitably had to tell the caller which sister was speaking. Apparently,… Read moreLesmorphication