The Sadism of School Supply Lists

My school supply for two children list reads longer than a 2 week vacation packing list for a family of four during which time they will be traveling to the mountains and the beach and at some point will have… Read moreThe Sadism of School Supply Lists

Absolution for Doomed Resolutions

I’d like for someone to stand up and shout “BALLS!” at the screen when I suggest that it is easier to get through the holiday season on other side of the world where the sun is at full power and… Read moreAbsolution for Doomed Resolutions

My Face Is Her Face

Open the refrigerator door and you’ll find Tetris stacked food containers cataloging our Thanksgiving feast. Other than that, there are no signs of our Great Big Fat Jewish Italian Thanksgivikkah. The folding tables are back in the basement, our relatives… Read moreMy Face Is Her Face

Apple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

I am the scrooge of autumn, and I say, “Harvest Humbug to you all!”   As I walked into my preschool class this morning, a teacher greeted with a beaming smile as she exhaled crisp, chilled air as if she was… Read moreApple picking leads to strange and disturbing hobbies

Waning Gibbous smack down

Is it a new moon?  It isn’t, I know, because I saw the moon in the morning sky on the way to the bus stop, and I said, “Asher, look at the moon!”  And he said, “Uh huh.”  And then… Read moreWaning Gibbous smack down

Bitch Slapped Forward

The children go back to school on Monday.  After the longest summer vacation ever, I can smell it.  The sweet scent of quiet tickles my nostrils and makes me giddy with drunken anticipation.  Occasionally, I even titter.  I want it… Read moreBitch Slapped Forward

Playing games on Valentine’s Day

Does anyone play Post Office anymore?  It has always struck me as odd that anyone of any generation would play Post Office.  The object of the game is to visit the post office to receive a delivery.  So, you’re going… Read morePlaying games on Valentine’s Day

Breathing through the day

For the past 10 years at this time, I wake up and do what I need to do to get to work (once upon a time) or get the kids ready for school and bustle around checking items off my… Read moreBreathing through the day

Off the grid

We’re off the grid.  We’re on Fire Island. Fire Island – where gays go to tan and where there are miles of beach and ocean and little else.  There is actually nothing else where we are staying.  The gay enclaves… Read moreOff the grid

Happy Dong Day

‘Tis the time of year when the crocuses are blooming and robins make their first appearances of the season. It’s not necessarily time to store the winter clothes just yet, but we’ve tasted spring, and mmmm child (pron. chahyl), it… Read moreHappy Dong Day