The Degenerate and Degenerative Sport of American Football

Last Sunday night, the Pandora Chanukah channel blared festive tunes into the living room as the Chanukah candles burned bright and wrapping paper lay crumpled in a bag after revealing the evening’s bounty. And I sat alone writing a post… Read moreThe Degenerate and Degenerative Sport of American Football

If Only Rachel Dolezal Recognized the Power of Allies

“At least she isn’t queer!” we agreed all too quickly, inviting the gods, goddesses, and gender non-conforming deities to descend upon us and smite us with the Rachel Dolezal’s crazy when she came out as bisexual. Hashtag RayCray. Wait, is… Read moreIf Only Rachel Dolezal Recognized the Power of Allies

Meanwhile Back in New Jersey

SCOTUS ruled DOMA to be unconstitutional and kicked Prop 8 to the curb, and that is all very, very exciting.  But here in New Jersey, Governor Christie continues to allow his personal and subjective views on morality get in the… Read moreMeanwhile Back in New Jersey

Wash your hands of the flu

The boys recently went for their annual wellness visits. I’d like to know when we started calling check ups – wellness visits.  Because of my age and overall cranky attitude, I think that sounds a bit airy-fairy.  Do we really… Read moreWash your hands of the flu

Cheeky post

Every other year, we spend Thanksgiving in Boston with family. We drive for 3 ½ to 4 hours, which has to date been a civilized amount of time.  This year, we suffered a few wrong turns in an effort to… Read moreCheeky post

Olympians, mammals, Mayim and hair

Remember when Mayim Bialik was that awkwardly cute child star in Blossom?  Well, she’s all grown up and still on screen.  She was recently nominated for an Emmy for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory playing a… Read moreOlympians, mammals, Mayim and hair

Prop 8 was a gay plot

Throw millions of dollars into a campaign to ban equal rights, and a spotlight shines on bigotry, hatred and the need for federal protection of our nation’s individuals.  The good news is the spotlight is very, very bright.  It’s a… Read moreProp 8 was a gay plot

Friendship Realness

I am a die-hard night owl and never more so than after having kids. My time is my own after the little darlings are in bed and fast asleep. The later it gets, the less likely it is that I… Read moreFriendship Realness

Bad signs suck

The house across our street took down their Christmas lights and their life-size plastic manger scene that lit up from the inside. It was sad for the boys who enjoyed looking at the pretty display. Levi was especially mesmerized by… Read moreBad signs suck

Dislike of like

I teach my children that it is not acceptable to say like when it does not mean have a preference for or fancy. You know what I mean – when like means, well, like nothing. You can call me old… Read moreDislike of like