Slamming with Studio B

Blogging is a fantastic springboard to spoken word IF you’re a writer who doesn’t mind the spotlight every now and then.  Not all writers like to put themselves out there.  I get that.  It’s scary to stand up in front of strangers.  Frightening to think that a recording of your performance will forever exist – documenting your stutters, flubs and hair style on that particular day in that particular time period.  I discovered, however, after doing the first spoken word piece that I loved the support of an audience more than I feared making an ass out of myself.

Lucky for me, I live in an area replete with creative people.  I’m not one to use the word replete in my daily life, but I recently heard the word gracefully enunciated by a very creative sort, and I was inspired to emulate her.  The creative sort in question was one of the two women who founded Studio B in Maplewood, New Jersey.  Jenny Turner Hall (no hyphen mutha effers!) and Marcy Thompson are the Head Honchos of this phenomenal organization that creates events to literally provide a stage for local talent.  They’ve hosted events like the Catalyst Film Series, The Speakeasy Vaudeville-esque shows and my personal fave the Story Slams.  This talented twosome is on a mission to celebrate the local artistry in our area and bring our community together in the process.  So far, so good.  I love bigging up Studio B and these sirens of art because they make me proud to live where we do.

I won the last Story Slam with a piece about a favorite topic of mine – vaginas, which you can see HERE.  As per tradition, the winner is invited back to read in the next Story Slam as sort of a winner’s lap performance.  Here is the story I read last night:

The winner of last night’s slam happened to be a friend of mine, which made the night even better.  There were some strong contenders.  I was pleased I wasn’t competing.  My friend’s piece was sweet and funny, written beautifully and delivered artfully – a well deserved win. I am very pleased to share her story with you here.  Well done, Cheryl Joy!!

Locals, I hope to see you at the next Story Slam as well as future Studio B events.  Whether you’re inspired to perform or not, you’ll feel just as proud of our community as I do, and you’ll probably meet some pretty fascinating people to boot.

7 thoughts on “Slamming with Studio B

  1. Aww, this is great! And takes away much of my anxiety about talking to my kids about Christmas vs. Hanukkah. Eight days of presents–of course! The answer was right in front of me, foul or not.

    I loved this!

    1. Thanks, Sammy!! It’s always a tough one. Christmas is simply spectacular, and no Jewish holiday can compete. We could use some holiday makeovers – we have the avocado green kitchens of holiday traditions.

      Good luck, and Happy Hanukkah!!

    1. I shake an Easter Peep at you in protest and beseech you to stay true to your unaffiliated, open-minded self. We’ll celebrate Chanukah with you and your family for 8 days whether you’re a Jesus-lover or not. Come on over!

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